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    I guess because they are one of only two or three promoters? I could be way off the mark there, and I'm sure someone can correct me if I am wrong.
  2. Well, if there is a meeting announced there at some point this year, I'm not doing anything on that day, and I have the cash, I will certainly be there! Heck, if needs be I would walk there! Would take me less than an hour from home according to Google maps.
  3. I live just off Broad Street, and so Wheels is literally a stones throw from me. The area around Wheels is mostly industrial on the one side, and residential on the other, but it is also extremely run down, and the council simply do not have the budget to do what they want in those areas. Really and truly, Birmingham outside of the ring road is more like a large town. Take away all the tourism because of things like Cadbury World, the o2 Academy, the Hippodrome Theatre, Edgbaston cricket ground, various international food markets and maybe the Bullring, and what have you got? A large town, surrounded by various other large towns. The money is in the city centre and its surrounding areas. The council have no want or desire to develop the area surrounding Wheels. It is not in their interests at all. HS2, if it goes ahead, will bring millions into the city, so of course they are going to want the land, and with Wheels being so close to the railway, it was inevitable that this would happen. Again, like I said earlier in a previous reply, the sport is dying a slow and painful death, and there is naff all we can do to stop it. That's "progress" for you. 😕
  4. Totally agree. My dad said to me back in about 2015, or maybe earlier than that, I forget now, as we were driving to Coventry, that within five or ten years it would close and it would be a death knell for the sport. At the time I was thought, and said to him, not a flippin' chance! But, sadly, he was absolutely right. This sport is doomed. Twenty years from now, it will probably be extinct. Now, please don't misunderstand me here. That is NOT what I want, not at all. I owe my life to stock cars. Literally. My first "full" season was 1998, starting in April at Coventry of course, at which point I was 13. So, obviously my first World Final was also 1998, and over the next ten years or so, I went to dozens, of not hundreds of meetings. Stock cars were my escape. No matter how bad school was, because it was REALLY bad due to the bullying, I knew that if I could make it to the Friday, I had the stock cas to look forward to. Not every weekend, it was mainly Coventry, with the occasional trip to Wheels, Hendo or Stoke, or further afield for bigger races like the semi finals or what have you. The point is, back then my head was seriously messed up, and I quite often contemplated ending my life. But the stock cars were my escape. They were the pressure release valve, and they helped get me through those rocky teenage years, and also my mum passing away when I was 17. She passed away in early August, and about a month later I was at Coventry, with dad, to watch King John win yet another gold roof. Mum and dad had been there pretty much every month from maybe.....actually, I don't know when, as I don't know when as I don't know when they first got together, but I know dad started attending meetings in 1981, and he and Mum would go to Coventry every month. I can remember as clear as day nan coming round to babysit me and my brother while they went to Brandon, and I also remember asking them if I could go, and they said no, because the fireworks would scare me. But I digress. The point is, stock cars are close to my heart, and to have to write what I have so far makes me want to cry. Some people will probably shoot me down for being a "Doom mongerer" or what have you, but to them I say b******s. I am a realist. Nothing would make me happier than to have Coventry, Birmingham and Stoke still open. To have Bradford back on the track list. For Belle Vue to be safe for many years to come. But guess what? That is NOT THE CASE! It seems to me that certain people within both the fandom and the official "management"(?) of BriSCA and the BSCDA are ostriches. Keep your head buried in the sand, do your own thing and the problems will just disappear. Wrong. BriSCA and the BSCDA have slowly but surely been hammering nails into the coffin of our glorious sport with more and more asinine rules and regulations, and not listening to the people who actually know what the frack they are talking about! I'm sorry to say it, but in my opinion stock cars will be dead within the next 20 years or so, and that is just a fact. I have NOT said this to try and start an argument or cause controversy. If there are people out there who have a problem with what I have said, that is their problem, not mine. To the best of my knowledge, this post in no way violates the rules of Stoxnet, so I am going to post it. If it does somehow violate the rules, I'm sure it will be removed. But that's my two penneth worth, for what it's worth.
  5. Well in that case a massive thanks not only to yourself and the other two amigos, Jane, but thank you to the family also. You guys all rock, and your services are especially important to people such as myself who refuse to expose themselves to the toxicity (tuuune!) of Facebook, so thank you all. Blessed be.
  6. Hoo hoo, baby! I sooooo wish I were going to the finale! Guess I shall just have to rely on good old Stoxnet to let me know when Frankie takes the silver roof for a record breaking fifteenth time! 😁
  7. A year?!? Flippin' heck! 😳 That really surprises me!
  8. A friend of mine has been playing BriSCA f1 Stock Cars v1.6 by UKsom for rfactor recently, and asked me a question about head nets. Now, I know that they are fitted for safety, but what I don't understand is what exactly they are supposed to do or prevent? I'm hoping someone with more knowledge than me will be able to help me! 😂
  9. Well, that was a lot of fun for me! When I went to the European Sunday meeting, I came away from it feeling pretty deflated and frankly uninterested in the sport. However, last night really turned that around for me. Yes, I will admit, the racing wasn't overly spectacular as such, but the energy and the passion I felt in the pits and the crowd made it that much better for me. So, with that in mind, I am giving a Racing Rating of a solid 8. Driver of the Day is an easy choice for me. That honour goes to young miss Courtney Witts. I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with her in the pits, as I was trying to get a selfie with all the semi finalists. She ran away with the consolation and final both, and looked incredibly fast. I don't think it will be long before she has a tin of red paint and some amber flashing lights to fit to her wing, and she is definitely a future champion. R/R: 8 DotD: 180
  10. I am so bloomin' stoked for this now! 😁😁 I absolutely love Buxton, and to see it under the lights is going to be AWESOME! Really hope young Jake and Courtney make it through, not to mention FWJ of course! In the words of the great Michael Waltrip..... Buggity! Buggity! Buggity! Let's go racin' boys! 😂🏁🏁😂
  11. How long has that system been used for now? Until you mentioned it in that reply, I had totally forgotten it was even a thing lol
  12. Result! 😁 So, so chuffed to see Phoebe qualified, and well done to young Charlie, too. Haven't actually seen him race as yet, but if he is anything like his dad, well, need I say more really? 😂😉 Really looking forward to the second semi at Buxton next week now. It is one of my favourite tracks, and every time I have been there the racing has been fantastic. Brilliant service from the three amigos once again. You guys really are freaking awesome keeping us up to date with the results like you do, and I can't thank you enough. Respect. *fist bump*
  13. Grabbed my copy last week. Was lovely to meet you, Suzanne, and of course do my little bit for a charity that is very close to my heart.
  14. I watched this about an hour after it was first published, and really enjoyed it. It's just a shame the insurance companies wouldn't allow them to take part in a proper race, as they were keen as mustard, and it would have been great to see.
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