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    Ecurie Rapide ?

    I've asked the previous owner of the Ecurie Ecosse transporter if he knows of anything and I'm afraid he doesn't relate to stockcar racing either but without speculating it is interesting in our early history. It appears to be some sort of team
  2. Not the best of meetings and one of the worst buxton ive been to which i normally enjoy. I actually considered not going because of the hike in price, just for a semi thats always a fairly predictable race. Its a real underdogs track for the F1's as its so hard to come from the back. Gutted for the oh so close qualifiers and for sarge's damaged car, couldnt quite see what happened, but well done Aaron Leach on grabbing that final place. Well pleased for him. Great clip from BSCDA team on Frank chosing the outside and showing the reason why! He'll need to give Tom a big hard hit on that first bend now. Driver of the day has to be Courtney. Bouncing back from the semi and winning 2 races whilst using the bumper hard, she always has been one to watch/star of the future. Rr 6 Dd 180 On a plus the V8's are getting better and better
  3. Brilliant race reports, videos and pics from all. Thanks! More big events at Hednesford?!!
  4. I wonder if there's any interest in a proper BriSCA display (not just the 1960's) at the ever growing American Speedfest on 12th June 2016 - it seems like a perfect opportunity mid-season, pre-WF build up, to promote stockcars to an appealing and new audience. Too far South? but it could attract corporate/sponsors, as well as Nascar being there
  5. I managed to get the last size L in the stadium at around 4:30 - its a little tight on me (looks like a a hand me down from your big bro when you're 7 years old) but that was the only choice lol
  6. great write up Steve good read that Steve, 1st well done to Rob Speak, an impeccable drive, and an amazing TENTH world championship! not bad for a banger driver who races 'for fun' these days and a month ago was "passed it and should retire" 2nd I hope everyone injured in the various accidents gets well soon, a flat out AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD#51 didnt look too good as Dylan tried to brake & steer with the throttle obviously wide open - big respect to all those who helped out afterwards. The tarpauline cover was only put over his car to protect his dignity (st george speedos!) He's back in Stepping Hill now 3rd the presentation and atmosphere on a personal level i thought was 10 out of 10. The scoreboard bend had plenty of cheers and boos it was buzzing. The commentators did a brilliant job, drivers intros 1st class and I thought the music selection / timing was SPOT ON....The cars rolling from their positions to "The Final Countdown" then coming to a halt on the grid just as the guitar solo kicked was a goosebump moment for many, followed by fanfare for common man and rinky dink. ...sounds a bit predictable on paper but it was the timings + crowd atmosphere that made it all perfect. The programme was really good too. Well done to the people who put it together. and the final entries to #53 and #55 were just how it should have been. Its said pretty much every year but up to this point this really was the perfect recipe for a WF 4th I dont think anyone has mentioned this! All the selfish bull about 'being ripped off' and having their day ruined by the 51 recovery. Think about Ben Turner's family who were waiting, not for the World Final race, but for an emotionally presentation of the GN Ben Turner Memorial and never got to do it. Ben and Family were in our thoughts. All being well this will take place next year. all faith will be restored next year at the dusty rundown, toilet flooded, grandstand cramped, cheesy compared, right said fred presentation of Coventry Stadium Remembering Ben Turner and Marina Heller
  7. 391.JPG Paul Tully photo, found on the absolutely superb BriSCA F1 Stox site Hey who is the number 1 in that photo? Sorry but this was the time when I was off enjoying my teens/twenties when stock cars weren't a part of my life! 515. the wf where he cut across the track
  8. I think NEC would be on its AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD without the support from grassroots; grasstrackers, spedeworth , brisca, russ swift etc, I commend them for all hanging in there but think its served its course, no one hardly even ventures into the corner hall other than people already interested in the ovals. If it was a lower cost Id be all for it but I know the massic outlay the thing costs and I think a year or two out would be interesting and spend the money on other ventrues. Goodwood, old vs new would be good along with something like a 50's f1 vs new, and a 50's nascar vs new
  9. Is there kids ear defenders on sale at Cov on tonight?. thinking of taking a friends kid first time and he doesnt like too loud noises due to his learning difficulty
  10. so sad that Id normally notice that and didnt so thats make me sad sad lol - well spotted, cant wait to see it! another third gen!
  11. 28 cars in each race instantly appeared to make Sunday a lot better than the Saturday. Don't know what happened to 217 he was off the pace and others seemed to get their cars dialled in. Falding was even better than the Saturday and making last bend hits showing confidence progression. Pleased for 515 he had a very easy race in the end but did avoid all the early lap carnage RR 7/10 DotD 84 - drove excellent all day including a great move on 259 and 217 taking them both out in one hit. Unlucky not to win the UK by couple car lengths but took the GN on the last bend
  12. Disapointing racing for the Saturday night. Could have done with some saloons to liven it up a bit! RR 4/10 DotD 217 in another class
  13. Chris D

    Keir Millar

    awful news to hear at the track today. My deepest thoughts go out to his family and friends. RIP Keir
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