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  1. I had a text late last night that the Horsebox had been found but we have no idea at this stage what condition it is in or where, but i will add the details on the posting when I know more later today.
  2. http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn52/HASS08/317835_10150879460740341_860425340_21488900_1884432823_n.jpg This horsebox belongs to a good friend of mine and was stolen last night from there yard in Essex, Immaculate 7.5 t Iveco with Oakley Supreme body, registration is 2HYS although origionally an L reg. There is a substantial reward for information leading to its recovery. Please keep your eyes peeled. Paul 07906 118065
  3. A few more questions answered... Admission for adults - £20 for the weekend, 12 - 16 year olds & o.a.p's - £10 for the weekend. CHildren under 12, free! £5 camping fee per unit. Gates open to venue at 12 noon on Thursday August 4th...and close on Monday August 8th. There is a fairground on site, from Thurday onwards, opening times unknown. There is a taxi/minibus service on site throughout the weekend to take you wherever needed... I'm hearing a lot of rumours that people will want to go to oakwood theme park etc on friday, this is not a free service. Each unit will re
  4. PRL PLANT HIRE Men's National Autograss Championships Men's National Autograss Championships 2011 Hosted by The South Wales Autograss League, Sponsored by PRL Plant Hire Ltd. Before we start our promotion piece, its important that we extend a massive thank you to our main sponsor, PRL Plant Hire and thank Dickie, Steve and the rest of the PRL team for their co-operation. As well as our main sponsor, we need to also thank the Sponsors and Trade Stands who are supporting this year's event... our list of class sponsors are as follows... Class 1 - Julian Mousley Plant Hir
  5. take autograss £5/6 entrance kids free under 14 5/6/7 hours of racing but no facilities as such (unless one of the big meetings, but you then pay more, not sure why as more people attend so more income) no stands to shelter in no bar no seating no proper toilets (most clubs) no firm standing area (most clubs) you get what you pay for simple £2 isn't life changing money to our way of life and what everything costs just to live
  6. might be wrong but i think he means a road car
  7. Hope this doesn't get deleted but worth the try as it affects so many of us in one way or another Some autograss racers decided to raise some money for cancer research, and the idea was to do a cheeky calender to raise funds for the charity. One calender features the male drivers the other the females full details can be found at www.autograsslaidbare.co.uk Maybe a good idea to do with the F1 drivers
  8. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:IT&ih=003 for sale on ebay my 1996 lwb mitsubishi pajero
  9. 2 rover v8 engines 1x good and running on carbs compression ratio 9:35.1 and the other striped down needs big end shels but very good block and heads and every thing is there including starters. £175 o.n.o for the both. for more info call me on 07786050957 seen this on www.yorkshiredales.uk.net classifed section thought it might be of use to someone
  10. there are forums on there that will answer nay question you may have (hopefully)
  11. try this website www.dvd.reviewer.co.uk
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