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  1. matt moore

    John Fortune

    What about Robbie McSpeak 😂😂
  2. A gap is left on the grid where they would have been, and the first reserve (3rd place in the World Consolation) is added to the rear of the grid. I feel people who finished 11th in that semi feel bit left out n annoyedWhat makes you think he won't be there ? He told me after the semi at Skegness, he won't be there as he simply doesn't enjoy it anymore, but loves the promoting and is just focussing on that.......but never say never!!!!
  3. media can't be played !!
  4. What he said. ⬆️ They might have well as moaned as it happened, if they hadn't moaned the outcome would have been exactly the same !!!!!!
  5. Intrigued, how can you not be a fan of someone....then go on to say, they add something to a meeting, why wouldn't you be a fan of something that adds to the specatacle you pay to watch ????????
  6. Obviously not a BIG Speak fan!!!
  7. R/R 8/10 enjoyed the night DoD H100 last bender.....Fantastic Special mentions to 515, 318, 4, 326 and 45 quite suprised at the amount of rubbish all over the stadium at the end, not really hard to use the bins provided, which were plentiful, also on the campsite lots of rubbish strewn about, is really so hard to clean up after yourself ??
  8. R/R 9/10 really enjoyed it DoD H100, just really stood out for me, everytime he came out I was watching him, not a white roof for long. Bad point £3 for a can of Carling (not even chilled)
  9. And just HOW do you pronounce that? Pe-ter-bore-oh...........................................Sorry I'll get my coat
  10. matt moore

    Camper Vans at WF

    Fantastic, maybe a £5 charge could have been added to cover costs, I'd have happily paid
  11. Will this be the most powerful Brisca engine ever or have bhp such as this been tried before ??? If it is, what the nearest to it ??
  12. From Chris 24 post It was on the channel later at 10.20pm and is repeated again at approx 3.30 am on Wednesday.
  13. Read somewhere it was going to be announced at the next Coventry
  14. Should last post be in the results thread????
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