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  1. In the late 70s we had gone to old Belle Vue on the Aycliffe Supporters bus. The bus was parked in the huge but rough car park acroos the road behind the pits. One of the hand pushed, mobile hot dog/burgers trolleys was being pushed across the car park by the "vendor" he hit one of the protruding bricks and his trolley went over. Much laughter on the bus when all his valuable wares were scooped up, brick dust etc etc included of course, and off he went on his way! We could only imagine the comments of the unfortunate customers later on when their gnashers hit stones or whatever!
  2. Roy, thank so much for this detailed explanation of the Keld/Gunnerside area. We've done several walks in this area and I now have a much better idea of what happened, time to wipe the dust of the boots and get back up there!
  3. I'll second that motion. I appreciate Roy also taking the time to write a little narrative to go with his photos which is very helpful for non-attendees to relate to when reading meeting reports. Thanks Roy.
  4. I've just done it Colin. The meeting was on 23rd June 1978. I was great at photoing the lamp standards and people's heads! I was chuffed with my Kodak Instamatic at the time while the photo of the champs being driven round was taken by my pal Big Al Wilson (68) who had some decent kit, what a difference even then. Mobile phones with cameras? Not even thought of then, if you had a CB rig to talk with you were the dog's dangly bits. http://photos.stoxnet.com/thumbnails.php?album=1437
  5. Thanks for the feedback folks. I have quite a few pics using my Instamatic (!) when I snook right down to the metal fence to take them as the drivers came round. They are certainly not up to Colin's standard so I haven't put mine on the gallery. I felt for Bammy that some of the cars were well off the pace as the thought of all the drivers being up to speed was very appealing. Of course, Chissy would have won! His final Brisca appearance in his red Texaco car will always be remembered by me.
  6. It was yet another great idea from Stuart but sadly didn't work out as we fans had hoped. Chissy's white car and Smithy's red one seemed to be the quicker cars. They were the slightly wedged shaped ones. The others (Mike Close, Cronny, Barry Lee and Bill Batten) had the Wainman look for the time. I'm fairly sure FWS built them all and it was a very tight schedule to get them on track. It was such a shame there hadn't been enough time to get all of them dialed in. It has always puzzled me as to what happened to the cars afterwards and what engines were used?
  7. 258guinchy

    Sad news

    As others have said, I don't know Simon or Alan but Alan's updates on their cars, the conversion of RAM and Alan's obvious engineering/racing knowledge were very interesting and appreciated. RIP Simon and condolences to all the family.
  8. 258guinchy

    Winter refurbs

    For such a big lad Jake certainly whizzed around on that engine removal!
  9. Always enjoyed reading your new updates to the site Colin. Thanks for doing it over the years but sorry that it is going away.
  10. Arrived yesterday morning, finished reading it last night. Great read FWJ, thank you.
  11. 258guinchy

    Stox on tv

    Don't know if this helps anyone but here goes. I've got a Panasonic tv about 8 years old. No freeview box but use a satellite dish to get Freesat. Just searched for any other satellites (took 45 minutes to get all the available programmes) instead of the specific one it is locked into and have now got Freesport.
  12. Even though I'm a Chisholm and Guinchard fan, I look forward to reading my copy which arrived today. The man was a legend who made everyone either boo or cheer and I'm grateful to have been around during his and stock car racing's golden era
  13. 258guinchy

    BriSCA F1 Stox

    Like the other posters, I was sorry to read the message about this fantastic site possibly disappearing so I emailed Paul to thank him again for his efforts and hoped it would survive. I hope he doesn't mind me relaying some of his reasons (one of which was personal and is not for me to broadcast) Basically his enthusiasm for the sport has diminished as well as frustration with the web designer not doing anything for his site for the last three years. The amount of detail and information on there is incredible and I hope it isn't lost. I often think of a past driver haphazardly and it is great to key in the number for car pics, races won etc etc.
  14. At its peak, it was a superb stadium. Went there in 1976 to watch a Scota meeting. Les Suckling kindly put us up for the weekend. Ian Ireland's huge powered car was awesome blasting round the track. I hope everyone, drivers and fans, have a fantastic time.
  15. 258guinchy


    Shock! No mention of Pontiac Ged? Cronny certainly knew how to make his Rochdale Rocket shift! Remember there was even a Jaguar Championship? Saw one at Belle Vue, won by George Wright 33, what a sound the whole grid made!
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