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  1. Meant to post a few days ago. What a fantastic read, thank you neil and all the contributors. Obviously I wouldn't dream of spoiling it for any humbug readers (January 2nd cannot come quick enough for me!!) Intrigued to get more information on Scota even after having been lucky enought for Les Suckling to put us up for a weekend after visiting Wimbledon. Well done Neil
  2. Well my copy arrived today (Excellent service Neil, thank you) Just flicking through it is going to be a fantastic read and so many superb photos too. Would have liked to get started on it straightaway but the gaffer has put her foot down and got me on card writing duties! I know my place!!
  3. Roy, thank so much for this detailed explanation of the Keld/Gunnerside area. We've done several walks in this area and I now have a much better idea of what happened, time to wipe the dust of the boots and get back up there!
  4. I'll second that motion. I appreciate Roy also taking the time to write a little narrative to go with his photos which is very helpful for non-attendees to relate to when reading meeting reports. Thanks Roy.
  5. Arrived yesterday morning, finished reading it last night. Great read FWJ, thank you.
  6. Even though I'm a Chisholm and Guinchard fan, I look forward to reading my copy which arrived today. The man was a legend who made everyone either boo or cheer and I'm grateful to have been around during his and stock car racing's golden era
  7. Like the other posters, I was sorry to read the message about this fantastic site possibly disappearing so I emailed Paul to thank him again for his efforts and hoped it would survive. I hope he doesn't mind me relaying some of his reasons (one of which was personal and is not for me to broadcast) Basically his enthusiasm for the sport has diminished as well as frustration with the web designer not doing anything for his site for the last three years. The amount of detail and information on there is incredible and I hope it isn't lost. I often think of a past driver haphazardly and it is gre
  8. Got mine this morning too. Many thanks Rich, top stuff!!! How many of us couldn't resist and put disc 12 on first??
  9. Thanks again for all the help chaps. Seriously tempted to get the Panasonic, might wait until after New Year as she who must be obeyed can get an extra 10% off at Tesco.
  10. Thanks very much for the feedback guys. Much appreciated indeed. Just for info for others who may be pondering too, a friend subscribes to Which and they recomend the Panasonic DMRES 10EB as a useful basic model.
  11. Having bought a few stox Dvds this year (thanks Waz, Chris29 and Les60) I want to buy a Dvd player/recorder to finally replace the video recorder and to watch these Dvds on the tele as opposed to the computer. I just wondered if someone could offer any advice/recomendations as what to buy as all the jargon regarding disc types etc confuse me slightly. Thanks for any help.
  12. I would really recommend folks to get this Dvd. Sent a cheque of to V8 132 on Tuesday and received my copy this morning. Considering the amount of footage on disc, tremendous value
  13. As before, excellent service from Les. Paid by Paypal yesterday morning and the postie has just delivered the Dvd this morning. Thanks Les
  14. None taken Baz, still embarrased by my stupidity in not having the correct software loaded. Anyhow, as you say, the footage of 1, 53 & 199 is worth the money alone, Belle Vue racing at its best. Anyone who hasn't bought a copy yet, get your £6 off to Les and watch some classic racing.
  15. Thanks to everyone for trying to help me, I feel such a *******!! I'd had PC problems before and had forgotten to re-load the Dell software to play DVDs . My humble apologies and thanks to Les for the PM and sending out the disc so quickly. I'll slink off into the corner with my dunces hat on!!
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