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  1. I looked at those and thought it didn't look to bad considering how long it has been left unoccupied and the fact that it had a certain group of tenants for a wee while. Wouldn't take a lot to reopen the place whilst it is still standing!!!
  2. Just asking for a friend but can I bring in a chair?
  3. Looking at the specs not very far! 350 CI 350 BHP 368 ft/lbs torque compared to a reasonable 434 CI SBC 500-600 BHP 500-600 torques and many more revs to play with. Would be like running a standard big block but with an 80 Kg weight advantage
  4. Thanks. I had removed all of my memories of wedges. We all used to hide when one came into the dealership! The 420 seac engine was a TVR power special and not a standard 4.2
  5. TVR used the 4.2 for the Griffith 4.3BV. It was a very limited numbers special. With a capacity of 4275cc Rover rounded the capacity down to 4.2 TVR rounded it up.
  6. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/fears-historic-birmingham-wheels-raceway-17532399
  7. Just like Leicester was, just like Coventry is supposed to
  8. There is a lovely track arena about 7 miles to the north that you could possibly turn into a track (is it to early in the closed season for an Odsal discussion?)
  9. You can just about make out the flower beds on the start finish straight!!! During the drivers briefing the drivers were all asked to try and stay off of them. At some point during the nights racing 2 certain drivers no names mentioned (242/413) managed to drive through both flower beds!!!
  10. It definitely was a stand alone race in the late nineties. That list of winners is definitely a who's who of stockcar racing Edit. Just looking back through the results it looks like it changed from a standalone race to a points chase in 2000. I think 515 started the 87 season after the Novice of the year race.
  11. Stockcars have bumpers for a reason. I am pretty sure retribution will be served.
  12. There is a topic about the delays at Sutton Bridge. Scroll down the menu a little bit!
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-49647907 A good article by the Beeb. (Not F1)
  14. Or Banger Racing !!! As for it being a Brisca World Final. Are the Dutch Cars not built to exactly the same rules as are cars ?? And there rulebook is the same as ours regarding race procedure etc ?? If they are, then Brisca is not really Brisca but more BHsca, therefore, more Dutch should be in the WF. The rule books are close but not the same. Shocks,axles, brakes and chassis rules are all slightly different. The Dutch have their gold roof race and we have ours. There are only a handful of English driver's seeded on to the world cup race. Thats the way it should be!
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