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  1. Not really got an hour and a half spare to watch the video!
  2. Has the beavers account been hacked? Seriously though its good to have you back on line Jeremy. Some good points raised. People should be happy that we actually have some racing this year. Just please remember it is your choice to go or not go to a meeting. What is not your choice is if someone not social distancing/not wearing a mask coughing/sneezing/breathing on you. Wear a mask if made a condition of entry. The organisers of the meeting will be following guidelines from the council/HSE which if not followed will see all future events closed. Mr/Mrs HSE or or council official
  3. Don't forget if your called for at the semi Nige and you ain't there you will forfeit your place at the consi semi.
  4. All drivers receive a rule book when they take out thier licence. It is then down to the driver to ensure that the car is up to specs. The scrutineer can only check so much in such a short time, so the safety critical things plus a random one or two others get checked. If a car fails scrutiny that must be pinned to the driver/team and not the scrutineer. The excuse that it has been fine all year does not do the team /driver any good as that means that you have been campaigning and illegal car all year! !! PS These are my thoughts and nothing to do with any driver's that I am associated with
  5. There is already 48 booked in where you going to find 5 more drivers from?
  6. There is only 1 Geoff. Been Racing since F1's 1978.
  7. Cheers Kay I have just got the abriviorated version from Dave. Would have loved to have been out there with them but apparently work and family have to come first!!!
  8. We have been through dover for the texel weekend.No real problems. The bus goes through as a motorhome so not affected by operation stack. We sailed to dunkerke to avoid the immigrent situation but make sure you leave plenty of time for your onward journey as the ports are very busy and an absolute nightmare. Getting to the port early results in being turned around and getting there at the right time is touch and go weather you get through the ports checks in time.
  9. No reserves allowed if its a qualifier. We came 7th in consi and I asked the pit marshall what were the chances of getting in if someone drops out and the answer was None!!!
  10. The transponder loop was still being installed when the first mini race started hence no results
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