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Today, 03:21 PM

Maybe lets get a new track open first before complaints about start times, formula, dust, food, parking, rain, chairs, poor PA system, colour of the tractors and if Lundy can get there??????

who's complaining? I'm expressing hope and trying to be optimistic!!!

In Topic: Midlands track

Today, 02:16 PM

Let`s look at it from a different view; The days of a track being in the middle of nowhere are long gone, which means a (eg) 7 P.M start would have to rely on a meeting where no damage occurs to cars or track. In other words, these days local councils have CURFEWS!. If meetings run over these time constraints, a Promoter will incur the wroth - & probably a fine - from said council.
 Motor sport is not something which has a set time. There`s no 90 minutes with an extra 30 for extra time once in a while!!
Maybe we, as followers of our favourite sport, need to look at this bigger picture, & make some adjustments to our lives if we want to attend every meeting at every track. I`m retired, but when I was Nursing, I had to request early shifts or days off on Saturdays, & work late shifts on Sundays (& we all know how popular they are, in any job). Sometimes I even had to miss meetings. I survived. So can all of you. Especially so if you want our sport to survive. 
I make no apologies for looking at life in a logical manner. Maybe everyone should give it a whirl.

maybe curfews are one reason but meetings nowadays are starting sooner because they have more formula and more races to get through
maybe they pay to race but how much does the track makes compared to what they lose by people not going because they cant get there in time ? is that logical? or has nobody thought of that?

one support formula is plenty
rod suggestion above is spot on

In Topic: Birmingham - Saturday 16th November 2019

Today, 01:04 PM

any info yet on the guest drivers this year ?

In Topic: Midlands track

Today, 01:03 PM

Lets just hope we get another track whatever the start time is!

but I would like to be able to go to it !!!!
and making it more accessible for more fans is surely the way to go
there were some comments about stoke not getting all that many people through the gates but it always started before 5pm
I was always there last minute and its only an hour and a half away for me
how many more would have gone if it had been a 7pm start ?
the start time is the only reason that I don't go to kings Lynn any more and I cant be the only one in this position

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Today, 12:33 PM

Where do you go to find that Spiderman

I was there and I saw it
wondered if it had been caught on film