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  1. yes sad day we must thank Steve Rees Michael Burnage for the time and effort they put into trying to keep the place open .And thanks to Derek Warwick for his support . It would be great to win one of these !!
  2. Riobeard O cadhla

    Belle Vue

    When i first found out that Belle Vue was in danger of closure i was not under any Illusions but desided that i was going to do what i could and wrote an email and sent it to my MP the mayor of Manchester and all of the Manchester council planing committee this was boosted by a great reply from Derek Warwick and we got the backing of Nicky Butt who is a Gorton lad. ialso went around the stadium with clipboards thanks to all who signed the petition . But at the end of the day we have lost another stock car track shame we could not get one last meeting
  3. very good interview thanks to all for taking the time
  4. Well the online racing has been a great success thanks to Paul and sarge and of course all the team that have made the job work. great to hear online meeting at Bradford is planed how about a meeting at briscas best ever stadium belle vue the hyde road version is this possible has the track been modeled ?
  5. thank you to all great interview
  6. wow great thanks to all for making this happen
  7. As the current situation is not getting any better could we borrow a idea from the GP teams and have some on line meetings using current drivers where possible-or as the GP teams have nominate current on line drivers to take part
  8. come on lads. i here team Newson have been busy any one no of any more potential new metal ?
  9. well tomorrow should be the unveiling of new cars could they be unveiled on stoxnet ?
  10. thanks to all for your comments , For me a key part of this would be the revenue so that a good quality show can be produced we need to grow the fan base
  11. Thanks for the comments with the resent interviews and bryans pit chats it looks like the people within the sport could do a good job covering the meetings .Oso the idea is to add to revenue lost by the difficulty that some of the fans have geting to the meetings each week
  12. ok just putting this out there is there a case for a live streaming service for the meetings . for a lot of fans in the north west for example king lynn is too far for a monthly meeting . Not for free some of the money going to the promoters what do you think????
  13. Any news on the track and pit modifications
  14. Proper Gent a great servant to our sport RIP
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