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  1. Just found this is on, so booked my tickets..... https://racing-expo.nl/ Dont know if anyone else on here is going but if you are, then might see you there….. Just look out for the 'Pierce Brosnan' lookalike 😁
  2. I dont know about anyone else but I LOVE these obscure stats and lists you keep coming up with Carl....fair play to you and more of them please !!!
  3. Congratulations on the excellent coverage throughout the meeting !!!! TOP WORK !
  4. James P

    Chat forums!

    Michael Jordan once said: "I can accept failure.....everybody fails at some point. What I cant accept is not trying" And boy youre a trier Nigel !!!!!! Do what YOU think is best...if that means taking a breather and re-grouping so be it. Youre living a LOT of peoples dreams (mine included!!)
  5. Q1 Drew Lammas 543 Matt Newson 16 Ben Hurdman 207 Q2 CHOICE C.......... 249 Joff Gibson Q3 Rob Mitchell 905 Gordon Moodie 7 Q4 A No B Yes C No D Yes Apologies for not joining in last week....at a wedding in the UK in the middle of nowhere Back in the saddle and ready to reclaim top spot hahaha (Or fail miserably !!!!!)
  6. No problem at all........Im just happy to be front row, before the inevitable 'wheels come off' over the next few weeks. I think I will do a 'virtual World Final' race throughout this competition ( just to amuse myself- and any others thart want to read obv.)...... So, we're now on the grid and those immortal words are heard over the tannoy....."Gentlemen - START YOUR ENGINES !!!!"
  7. Q1 - A Q2 - B Q3 - 871, 226,995 Cheers me dears !!!
  8. So on that basis, Im outside row 1 !!!! Lets 'ave it !!!!!
  9. Very good nights work for Mark Woodhull.......nice one !!!!
  10. Q1 - Mick Sworder 150 Tom Harris 84 Nigel Green 445 Q2 - CHOICE D.......... BEN RILEY (422) & MARK SARGENT (326) Q3- OLLY SPENCER (498) TOM SPENCER (298) GUY JOLLY (222) JON BROWN (288) Q4 - CHOICE B.......... ANDREW PALMER (606)
  11. Q1 - B 4th or 5th Q2 - Battle A - 55 Craig Finnikin Battle B - 169 Billy Johnson Battle C - 390 Sturat Smith JR Q3 - choice E - 211 Phoebe Wainman
  12. Overseas entry here !!!!
  13. The car that Chris Bimmel raced at the Hednesford WF was opened up to 11 litres....( as posted in the WF programme I think) WHat that is in horsepower I dont know but with 2 Dominator carbs on it, I would imagine it was case of how many gallons per lap instead of the other way around !!!!!
  14. Would a block of meetings - say 4 or 5, be an option to test the water and have a 'mid season review' after theyve run? Look at the viewing figures and revenue against cost of the covergae - manhours and pay, eqpt, licences, fuel etc. Just a thought.....as the saying goes : if you dont try, you dont get
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