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  1. In my humble opinion, Sam Ostle should be somewhere on the list...…
  2. First meeting of the season in 2016 at Blauwhuis, first lap of the first race and theres me standing on the bend at turn 1 with a fresh burger (not even had a nibble) the green flag drops, cars barrel into the first corner and a lump of clay BIGGER than the burger in my mit comes flying over and lands ON my burger !!! Of ALL the places to stand - a foot to the left or a foot to the right and it would have flown over my shoulder…>GOD I was fuming !! 😄 "Oh dear thats a bit of bad luck old chap" I said to myself…….or something like that! Funny how daft things like that make you chuckle now !! 😡😄😄
  3. James P


    Oh well....looks like IM spending the weekend with the wife then …...🥺
  4. Aah OK...my bad...Im gonna have to go on that 1954 database thingy and have a look then…....Me being the saddo I am, kept a book of all meetings I went to with results and cars attending for yonks and yonks and deffo remember one meeting having a total of 8.....wish me luck !
  5. '91 - I went to that too …...8 F1s at that meeting !!! Gaz Bott went well despite conditions as did Bert...…( weird what you remember isnt it !!)
  6. TOP interview !!!! Lovin the 'off the cuff' banter
  7. Fascinating stuff...…..cheers for the overview Roy. Those mechanics sure do earn their corn - not only on race days but throughout the week...the unsung heroes of the sport 🙌 Had my 'stox hit' at Leeuwaarden this weekend.....blimey its been a long winter this one !!!
  8. Just found this is on, so booked my tickets..... https://racing-expo.nl/ Dont know if anyone else on here is going but if you are, then might see you there….. Just look out for the 'Pierce Brosnan' lookalike 😁
  9. I dont know about anyone else but I LOVE these obscure stats and lists you keep coming up with Carl....fair play to you and more of them please !!!
  10. Congratulations on the excellent coverage throughout the meeting !!!! TOP WORK !
  11. James P

    Chat forums!

    Michael Jordan once said: "I can accept failure.....everybody fails at some point. What I cant accept is not trying" And boy youre a trier Nigel !!!!!! Do what YOU think is best...if that means taking a breather and re-grouping so be it. Youre living a LOT of peoples dreams (mine included!!)
  12. Q1 Drew Lammas 543 Matt Newson 16 Ben Hurdman 207 Q2 CHOICE C.......... 249 Joff Gibson Q3 Rob Mitchell 905 Gordon Moodie 7 Q4 A No B Yes C No D Yes Apologies for not joining in last week....at a wedding in the UK in the middle of nowhere Back in the saddle and ready to reclaim top spot hahaha (Or fail miserably !!!!!)
  13. No problem at all........Im just happy to be front row, before the inevitable 'wheels come off' over the next few weeks. I think I will do a 'virtual World Final' race throughout this competition ( just to amuse myself- and any others thart want to read obv.)...... So, we're now on the grid and those immortal words are heard over the tannoy....."Gentlemen - START YOUR ENGINES !!!!"
  14. Q1 - A Q2 - B Q3 - 871, 226,995 Cheers me dears !!!
  15. So on that basis, Im outside row 1 !!!! Lets 'ave it !!!!!
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