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  1. The chevvy country logo appeared on our car at a Skeggy weekend with Ford changed to Pontiac. Needless to say it got changed around and re-appeared on the 14 car. Did some mileage that night that sign.
  2. Surprised you managed to get it to the track never mind through scrutineering !!!!!!!! Mick was always on hand if you needed him and if he did find something wrong would always help out with advice to put it right. After a consolation win at Mildenhall in the taxi bodied car i'd taken the back bumper off the support on the right side and strapped in for the final i reversed it up to a wall to bend it back and Mick welded it up there and then on pit lane. Good old boy. Condolences to Rita and family. He was a bit of a one off in his day and did so much to try and drag the race prep standards up basically by the scruff of the neck. Missed seeing him this last few years and now won't see him again. Shame. Good lad.
  3. I was given 515 for the Christmas meeting at Sheffield 1980 using a borrowed shed from a local lad. I had to send in another form for the following year but the cost of the licence for Christmas covered 1981. On the form i asked for a 2 digit number and got 52 and some whippersnapper from Yorkshire got 515. 00 was raced in the early days and i did ask for it at one time but was told i couldn't have it. I even brought it up at a joint bscda/brisca meeting once and Kieth Barber told me in no uncertain terms i wasn't going to get it so i gave up. If memory serves, Guy Curval raced 00 back in the early days so the number had history and had been registered, i fell out with Barber a bit after that, miserable sod.
  4. Remember the trip down to Leicester on the fan club bus. Went by myself at 16, shortly to go to army apprentice college near Reading. We had to have a hobby so i picked the model club and wrote to Brian for car measurements which he duly sent. I made a start on the chassis but got a letter one day from the club telling me about White City. Model never got built, lost heart after that.
  5. Anyone ? give me a ring on 01706 712198 if you can help out. Ta Craig
  6. We're in need of a bit of ally checker plate for Mike Heywood., Enough to cover 6 foot by 19 inch twice. 3 or 4 mm, 5 if it's cheap.2 pieces are ok, used is fine. Up north preferable. Craig
  7. Show my age now. 69 at Belle Vue. My dad took me. Must have been just short of 11 years old. First meeting as well. I told my dad then i'd drive one of those one day.
  8. can you ask him when he's coming buying me and den a pint please.
  9. Craig52

    Colin North

    R.I.P. Colin. What a smashing chap he was. Always had time for you if you where stock cars. Chatted with him regularly and he was always at the AGM to thank the drivers for another season of racing. he'll be greatly missed by many people, he was a good un. Condolences to the family. Shame we won't hav our little chat's anymore. Craig 52
  10. Craig52

    Stock bodied.

    I do think mine may have been the last, can't think of any more after i did the taxi bodied car. the 2 untouchables i had a good bit earlier. Got the odd picture but no idea how to put them on here. Craig
  11. Is there anyone around the Rochdale/North Manchester area that can weld cast iron. Not an engine part but cast iron all the same. just give me a ring if you can, Craig 01706 712198 or 07930 999925 Ta
  12. Here in Rochdale nailing Mike Heywood's car back together it'll be a wet one and probably a very wet one... Craig
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