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  1. Without electricity until maybe June, Deans would be paying for a years lease but only able to run for4 -5 months, and Birm isn’t exactly a money spinner regards to crowds is it.
  2. Perhaps they haven’t sorted out a new lease from the new owners ????? Not always as straight forward as we first think especially after recent events.
  3. Just sayin, but cash generated should be 'somehow' put back into stock cars shouldn't it?Totally agree Leanne, any money available should be used to promote the sport in the U.K.
  4. Why do local councils get the blame for stadium closures ? The owner wants to sell to someone offering large sums of money and the deal is done. Councils only get involved with planning permissions which they treat in the same way as any other site applying for permission. As for noise there are guidelines involving decibel levels and frequency of noise ( how often and duration ), if you stay within the quidelines there is generally no problem.
  5. Betwetter1203


    Probably because Steve Rees is a key member of Brisca and the BMB and uses his Startrax forums on behalf of Brisca as Brisca do not have a forum of thier own - make of that what you will.
  6. Great news 👌 And for what its worth, the other, as some say, garbage racing that goes on there was more influential than F1 or F2 stock cars as the local Brummy people use the venue for those other forms of motorsport.
  7. Birmingham centre may seem thriving but the city goes way way beyond Broad St
  8. Unbelievable:(The garbage is what keeps oval racing and its venues alive, and where many of the proper formula drivers come from.
  9. Also strange it seems its the Orci registered tracks that are closing ?????
  10. My thoughts exactly. Ok to race there onJan31st but not on Feb 1st - ridiculous.
  11. There is only one Carrot Cruncher going to be at Bristol providing i am still alive and my old age pension is enough so that i can afford the entrance fee a Cornish pastie and a cup of tea. A few miles out there Im afraid, raceway is in Zummerset, its cider all the way
  12. The whole area around wheels is or will be purchased, HS2 already have aquired land, No one is picking on motorsport specifically, no corruption, just big plans for a run down city, not necessarily the right plans though.
  13. and what could be done before the hammer fell on these venues?Consideration of alternative venues for the dates that could be lost, be pro-active. Consider if you need to replace those fixtures.
  14. Ignoring inane posts has contributed to the sport being in the corner it now is. Birm, Stoke and since the building of the Belle Vue speedway stadium have had clouds over them for some time, yet we wait for the hammer to fall before doing anything, like considering where those fixtures could go. A cynic I may be, but my thoughts are far from inane, the inane thoughts are from those who refuse to accept the inevitable and the changes that are vital.
  15. Not supposed to be a helpful post, just another example of head in the sand and itll be reet attitude that dogs the sport.
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