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  1. Face coverings ARE NOT for just YOUR protection but for the protection of all around you. One track and trace coming back to a stock car stadium and ALL racing could be closed down, just because some put their own likes before everything else. Remember it’s peoples jobs and at times lives at stake, so putting yourself out by wearing a face covering to watch a stock car meeting dosnt seem much to contribute.
  2. Very interesting to see Carl’s list, seeing how the number of meetings seem to drop - hold steady for several years - then drop again. Presumably as venues closed ???? 1983 - 127. 1984 - 97 1993 - 85. 1994 - 65 1997 - 67 1998 - 46 2019 - 42. 2021 - 22 ???? does this show the sport has been capable of stabilising after an issue but never been able to reverse the ongoing issue of venues, even with 36 years to do so ????? Out of the sports control or complacency???????
  3. You should know by now, fans aren’t allowed to know anything, just turn up, pay your entry fee and be grateful.
  4. Or is it time for all concerned to face up to reality and stop fiddling while NIR burns ????
  5. That’s how I always think of racing, shale under lights, tar in the sun. maybe night time racing on shale helps with keeping moisture in the surface, no blazing sun ????
  6. That’s why face coverings are a MUST !!!! How far do you think a sneeze or cough will travel even in a slight breeze? Like it or not, any gathering of people still carries a risk of spreading a DEADLY virus, that’s a risk not just of an individual but a risk for anyone near them. No one is suggesting cancelling the F1 meetings, but everyone going must follow ALL requested protocols, and be prepared for any adverse results that may or may not happen. “Motorsport is dangerous, you enter at your own risk”
  7. If the virus is airborne spread then outdoors is more of a risk than indoors as it would be carried further by the wind. So many are looking for mistaken reasons to resume normal life, that is in itself a danger, as when people were in lockdown so was the virus, as people are released from lockdown, again so is the virus.
  8. What’s wrong with just racing for the fun of it ????? you never know racing for fun might be more enjoyable ?
  9. Haha, yes - I turned 60 yesterday, the mind going starting already
  10. Yeh, sorry thought you were suggesting splitting grades. 2/3 format works for me, with top 24 - 30 going into the final.
  11. Every form of motorsport has the haves and have nots, always have, always will do. In splitting the higher and lower graders into separate heats etc we would go back to the class1 and class2 stock cars, and we know how that ended when tried before. The final should be the best 30ish cars on the day, regardless of grade or budget.
  12. It’s probably a culmination of most of things mentioned here, he’s probably just had enough of it all, he’s not getting any younger and been in the business for long enough to manage without F1’s. Do you blame him ????
  13. Personally I believe cars should have to qualify for a final, and 2/3 is far better than heats with 15 cars and Cons with 8 cars. But it all depends on car numbers. Its the attitude of choosing formats / tracks etc so “I don’t get damage” that gets me, it’s stock car racing, you will get damage, that’s the very basis of the sport. If a driver chooses to spend £75k on a car, that’s their choice, but don’t try to change the basics of the sport because you don’t want damage. Build a car that can take the hits, isn’t that a part of why FWJ has been so successful, his cars keep going, he dosnt fail to finish that many races which allows his talent to flourish. Think that’s the cultural difference.
  14. Probably close to the reason there. All out action packed stock car racing or Controlled stock car racing. A previously well discussed topic.
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