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  1. Daniel

    Well off topic!

    In what might be a Stoxnet first, could I divert this back off topic? Has anyone seen Colin? Did he ever get out?!
  2. Well done and thanks. Not sure how it makes Stoxnet look though... I finished 5th from bottom You'd expect the new administrators to do a better job; Carl H did - 6th from bottom... but Chris53 was below me at 4th from bottom. Hopefully Kay didn't enter a team because she's not even registered on the bottom of the chart!
  3. They may have changed the reward and its name, but the achievement remains the same. Only those who have their milkman deliver 568ml bottles of milk knew FWJ as the BriSCA Grading Points Winner last year; everyone else was using their pint of milk on their cornflakes while he was the National Points Champion.
  4. Cool, I'm banking on it being a good one for him... I missed the first week but I'm sure he won't let me down this week!!
  5. Right, sorry - my error: I didn't realise that there were weekly booking lists sorry... the one in the original thread must've been last year's. Hats off to Wisecol, there's a lot of work here - it must take ages. I hope John Lund arrives on time for his Heat 1 slot! Heat 1: 53 Heat 2: 2 Heat 3: 33 Cons: 54 Final: 53 GN: 53
  6. Thanks - I still have many questions but will try to read and re-read the link to answer them for myself first. An easy one to being with though - is that the current 49 driver list? PJ picked 322 and Keith picked 197 on this page, but neither are on the list.
  7. Sorry - could someone remind me how this works?
  8. Not CCK's fault, but mine! Should be OK now - sorry about that.
  9. Scores below for completion and future reference 515 Frankie Waiman 1133 JJ 391 Andrew Smith 1111 JJ 1 Stuart Smith 981 JJ 2 Paul Harrison 641 259 Paul Hines 589 16 Matt Newson 526 JJ 84 Tom Harris 449 TJ 33 Peter Falding 446 TJ 107 Lee Robinson 419 JJ 4 Dan Johnson 417
  10. Quite right. "Stoxnet" is the administrative account. Any PMs sent from Stoxnet are administrative ones, and forum posts should be read as authoritative and well-sourced.
  11. It looks like it came from the Coca Cola Christmas advert!
  12. So F2s *are* small then - and I always thought that they were just far away. Make the driver say something else - he sounds funny.
  13. Can't help with ticket prices or parking but the shuttle train thing is free. It only runs between the airport and the train station though - the NEC is about a 10 minute walk... well signposted and indoors all the way along an elevated walkway thing. Sorry, my descriptive powers are not working very well are they! Discount ticket info still welcomed for the Race of Champions event at Wembley - http://forum.stoxnet.com/index.php?automod...p;showentry=541 - LEL posted a 20% discount code which expires today. I'll have a last look for higher discounts and probably get some tickets tonight. I was going to give it a miss in protest at the price, but they've started advertising it on the side of the buses all around my house (we're just a couple of miles from Wembley) so I know I'd be kicking myself if neighbours told me how good it was and I'd stayed away!
  14. Daniel

    Stoxnet Future

    Thanks for your interest, but please read the whole topic, or at least the posts by myself and 'Stoxnet' before replying. With every respect for those trying to give their own ideas on what could be done for the future, a topic like this is exactly why we produced a proposal and presented it to existing Supporters. We spent many hours over several months considering options and this is the most simple and most likely to work for Stoxnet. If you believe that Stoxnet should have a future and you'd like to be part of securing it, please give Carl, Chris and Kay your support - not ideas or alternatives.
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