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  1. stav

    Electric stock car

    If you bought a shock absorber from eurocar parts im guaranteed it will turn up incorrect those in the trade will know.....
  2. Do we get points scored too 5 gets a mazimum 69 points?
  3. stav

    What now?

    Better planning 2021 fixtures as i cannot much happening in 2020 😞
  4. stav


    There was about 10 bangers booked on ovalchat
  5. stav


    Dont think belle vue got many bangers booked for that meeting!
  6. Superb he seems mad as a box of frogs!
  7. stav


    They are supposed to be making the pits larger...
  8. stav

    Incarace Web site

    Maybe a aldershot f1 and f2 qr
  9. stav

    Incarace Web site

    It used to a awesome shale venue when it opened all those years ago :-)
  10. stav

    Incarace Web site

    As far as i know the the substation that powers that the track is burnt out to a crisp!
  11. stav

    New cars and Refurbs

    Just seen the 166 car on facebook :-)
  12. My mum used to run phil bicknell the real number 7 fan club ;-)
  13. Looks like a weekend at home for me a very bizarre decision!
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