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  1. 2005(ish) rolling Higman chassis with Randall suspension and Randall cab. Last raced 2009 – winner of Cowdie Whites and Yellows championship. Gaz shocks (5/8” shaft) all round. Standard Gearbox. Fitted with 3.8 (I think!) diff. Spares: · 2 new Gaz shocks · Axle · Diff (4.4) · Moggie 1000 rack · 4 top arms · 6 bottom arms · 3 stub axles · 6 compression struts · Set of belts · FX4 Radiator · 5 front bumpers · 4 alloy wheels (Fiesta Flight FTs) · 4 rose joints · Full exhaust · Propshaft £1250 for the car and spares package. Also – 4 wheel trailer for £350 Contact Chris Rigg – 07875 616660 or chris@manscared.com
  2. Chris29

    Stuart Smith Snr

    I was never a big fan of Stuart, but stock car racing would have been a much poorer sport without him to boo! A true character, the like of which has never been found again since he retired. A real shocker... RIP Smithy.
  3. Chris29

    Sad News

    Sad news indeed. My thoughts are with Jim's family. I think this has been lost in among the World Final Weekend posts... I'll be contacting the family this week to pass on condolences. If anyone has any messages they would like me to pass on too, please contact me through the form on the link below. JIM WILKINSON
  4. You're right - these figures do not include iPlayer views and people who have recorded the programme on Sky+ or whatever and watched later. What is more important than the actual figures is the Audience Share. This is the percentage of the overall audience watching TV at that time. The main competition at the moment at that time of night comes from Big Brother which had an Audience Share of 12.2% (last week) and 12.6% (this week). In comparison, Gears and Tears had 11.2% (last week) and 10.4% (this week). I guess it's important that the ratings and share do not continue to slip, and that it stabilises over the next couple of weeks. There is also another measure which the BARB use to compare programmes - Audience Appreciation, but these figures are not normally made public.
  5. Don't know about Stuart, but Willie Harrison had five or six cars in the late 70s / early 80s. There's a pic somewhere with him sat in front of them all.
  6. TODAY'S UPDATE: Peter Arnold article F2's - How It All Began, part 2 Steve Straitjacket Editorial THE STOCK CAR ARCHIVE
  7. This has been recently unearthed, and is a very rare find... Not only the expected late 60s / early 70s stuff with Tony Neal and the usual suspects, but some footage from around 1964 / 1965 (as far as we can work out) before the track was brought inside of the Board of Control. Briefly, for those who don't know, from 1956 until 1966 Aycliffe ran as an independent 'pirate' track. Driver's were not registered with the Board of Control / BSCDA, meaning that they were not allowed to race at any other tracks, and that BoC drivers were not allowed to race at Aycliffe. In the mid-60s however, a number of BoC drivers started making an appearance at Aycliffe, under psuedonyms and false numbers, and a number of Aycliffe drivers did the same further afield. A number of BoC / BSCDA drivers were threatened with suspension as a result - this is particularly odd, considering that the then chairman of the Driver's Association, Terry Gill, was a regular offender... And you thought the politics was complicated these days! Also on the video are some clips of the Mighty Midgets - Aycliffe's domestic replacement when, as part of the deal for coming into the BoC fold, they agreed to drop their own F2s. Also some typical Aycliffe Destruction Derby and stunt show footage... AYCLIFFE CINEFILM
  8. TODAY'S UPDATE: Very rare and previously unseen Aycliffe cinefilm Bobby Burns Interview / Profile Vic Havoc Part 4 Also - the bidding for the Signed Aycliffe Poster ended last night, and raised a fantastic £161 for the Vets Association! Thanks to everyone who took part in the bidding - I'll be passing the good news to the Vets today! THE STOCK CAR ARCHIVE
  9. Just the one bump... One day to go! ALL proceeds go to the VSCA - Many thanks to all who have bidded so far SIGNED AYCLIFFE POSTER
  10. Today's Update: Details of Signed Aycliffe Poster on eBay added THE STOCK CAR ARCHIVE
  11. In aid of the VSCA... The giant (80x120cm) poster which was signed by many of those present at the Aycliffe Reunion night on 22nd November 2008. Signatures include Tony Neal, Willie Harrison, Earl Testo, Terry Forster, Jimmy Young, George Rudd, Richie Monkhouse, Des Penny, and Mike Alderson, among many more who were linked to Aycliffe Stadium. This is a one-off - no more posters were produced other than this one. A real piece of Stock Car history... Please dig deep! SIGNED AYCLIFFE POSTER ON EBAY
  12. Today's Updates: How F2's Began - the first of a multi-part series Odsal Stadium... This Is Your Life - A look back at the history of the legendary Bradford track If Dictators Drove Stock Cars - Classic Des Penny Lang Farm: The End of An Era - Stock car adventures on the Squire family farm Editorial Comment THE STOCK CAR ARCHIVE
  13. Today's Updates: Big Len Wolfenden Interview Vic Havoc Part 3 An article about Mad Bill Mason - one of the early pioneers And previously added to the site when we launched on Saturday... Articles: • Willie’s Wanderings – Willie Harrison’s recollections of the first 25 years of stock car racing in Britain. • Nelson Stadium RIP – A tribute to the long lost, but never forgotten Seedhill Stadium. • July 1954: Stock Car Racing Expands – A look back at the boom in stock car racing that followed it’s introduction to the UK. • Digger Pugh – A look at the man who started it all. • The Ultimate In F1 – A piece about the possible introduction of racing tyres from 1968... Very topical! • What a Difference a Decade Makes – The changes made in 1972 which ultimately led to the modern day F2. • Knocking the Spots Off McDougall – An interview with Gordon McDougall shortly after he introduced BriSCA back to Scotland for the first time since the 1960s. Videos: • 1985 F1 World Final • 1986 F1 World Final • F2s 1984 – Bristol • F1 Semi Final (and Consolation – for good reason!) 1986 – Hartlepool • 1986 F1 Race of Champions – Belle Vue • 1966 Juniors / F2s – Aycliffe • 1984 F2 World Final Other Stuff: • Des Penny cartoons • News Archives • The Aycliffe Project • Forums The Stock Car Archive Enjoy!
  14. Loads of new / old content and plenty of excuses to waste a whole afternoon. Sorry for posting in the main forum, just want to get this out to as many people as possible. I'll sneak away into the Website Updates area from now on! The Stock Car Archive
  15. The preview is over and the site is locked down again. Thanks for visiting, and all the feedback - it's been really useful. We're now a lot further forward than we thought we would be, mainly due to the NES Forums transferring without a hitch. Got to integrate those forums, transfer the photo galleries from NES, and bring the Aycliffe Project stuff into the new site. Then we'll be ready to go! I reckon we're looking at full launch within two weeks
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