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    mirfield w. yorks
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    Stock cars and classic american motors,..and my little girl Hannah!
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    Mechanic for F1 141
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    used to go to Belle Vue in my pram!..Also mechaniced and help build ministox for my two nephews, both championship winners,..and help out Carl Pickering.
  1. GAZ E

    A sport for all ages

    My girl loved coming racing until she was about five, then turned all girly,...but I now have a new baby son too, so here's hoping he's into it as much as the rest of us!
  2. GAZ E

    Stoxnet Supporter

    Absolutely, done it before, ( got the pen and sticker ), would gladly do it again :-)
  3. Sir John will always get a huge cheer :-)
  4. First of all, very well done #100, a worthy champion. As for the other job, surely Gordon should have passed or tried to dispose of speaky, obviously be chose to follow him, don't see how that's Rob's fault?
  5. GAZ E

    A bit surprised

    Don't know Lee, I'm going off what I've been told by Carl, Buxton is the only place he's ever had his engine let go, maybe years ago people went for the slower outta corner, easier on the engine set up?
  6. GAZ E

    A bit surprised

    That's exactly right Peter, if you gear it so it pulls out of the corners, you are on the rev limiter far too early. Alter the ratios so that doesn't happen and you are too slow to pick up coming outta the bend, hence massively off pace. Very tight bends and long straights are the problem. David, V8's just don't like revving as much as 4 cylinder engines, plus the brutal nature of the sport puts more stress on the engines as well.
  7. GAZ E


    Perhaps he raced the semi to gain his spot on the world final grid, in the hope that his suspended ban gets revoked?
  8. GAZ E


    My money would be on speaky whatever they raced :-)
  9. A really enjoyable nights racing, kings lynn has to be the best prepared track we have, it's like a billiard table! Nice to see Bert out there and going well in a car that seemed to be wrongly geared, it was screaming it's head off! Driver of the day has to be 390, simply in a league of his own, brilliant to watch. Racing rating is 8 for me, bangers were nowt special but ones were good and saloons amazing, definitely the hardest formula that grace our ovals!
  10. GAZ E


    Cost of clearing the dog mess up at Sheffield or Belle Vue would be too high, there's tons of the stuff, I'm amazed they're allowed to let public in for a normal meeting, environmental health and all that :-(
  11. I work in holmfirth and the chaos has started already!
  12. GAZ E

    141 Appeal!

    Yes Matt, he lives in hope of going round steady and sneaking through, one day! Car is at Wainmans at the minute having major repairs!
  13. GAZ E

    141 Appeal!

    As we saw a few weekends ago, Carl has got to grips with the new tyres and shocks. This gave him confidence to mix it with the big boys! Unfortunately this led to extensive damage to the car, and several broken bones/toes in Carl's foot. If anyone fancies sponsoring a panel on the 141 machine, Carl promises to bring his unique blend of enthusiasm to the remaining meetings he plans to attend! He's planning 6 more meetings, and looking for around £25 per panel. If anyone is interested please call call directly, 07900185596. Many thanks!
  14. I think just about anything is open to criticism with you Mr Chunder!
  15. A lovely sunny evening, my two favorite formulas, the scene was set for a great night,..and it didn't disappoint. Heats were fairly uneventful apart from a mention to 318 who won his by a country mile, even driving away from everyone after the yellows came out. Final alone was worth the entrance fee, best race I've seen for a long time, and the grand national just topped the night off nicely, sir John showing he can still mix it with the big boys! As for the bangers, not their best meeting, but they're what made me decide to go, as I said, my two favorite formulas, if you don't like them go for a brew, but they certainly bring the crowds in! Anyway, R/R 7 +D/D 34.
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