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  1. misterbreg

    Venray World Cup

    Venray released a updated fixturelist some time ago. 27 september 25 oktober 22 november 26 en 27 december No mention of a World Cup.
  2. So, which current driver hasn't won a final for over a decade?
  3. If I'm right BriSCA drivers are officially only allowed to approved Dutch tracks (think that's why there was so much trouble with Texel's visitors).
  4. But the pause is only to build up the tension. Thanks for informing, some moderaters would have hyped up this event for months tho.. Will all members who have talked about non-orci tracks be blocked and kicked during the downtime?
  5. misterbreg

    World champions

    Maybe some won races in Holland with gold wing? Think Murray Harrison did some Venray meetings back then?
  6. Happy for all concerned!
  7. 2003 at Coventry. After years of nagging to my parents we finally went over to the World Final.
  8. of course there's still a need for a paper fixture list, not everybody has internet accessQuick Google Check. 95% of British have a mobile phone. Think most of them are able to connect to the internet by wifi or data. That number is high enough to me.
  9. It's 2020. There is no need for paper fixturelists to be handed out. All needed is a cool and modern looking website which is easy to find and remember. With every car promoted at the show you should be send to this website and make visiters want to go to a meeting by just looking at the site. All info should be there so when new people are not sure if they * can buy at turnstiles * bring in chairs * bring in food/drinks * how much it cost * what time to be there for practice/racing
  10. Qualifiers are invented to boost numbers on meetings. To attract drivers to come te meetings they normaly wouldnt do. Think they have a bit more start and/or prize money too. Think there isnt much more interest in uk meetings if they add world cup qualifiers. Think Harry wants to have the best selling uk visitors available. Think you really cant compare WF with World Cup.
  11. How about some of 'our own' formulas to be represented there to promote them to potentional future drivers?
  12. As long as it doesnt smell like team racing I haven't got a problem with it.
  13. misterbreg

    Track records

    Looking at these laptimes shouldnt Skeggy and Mildo be 25 lap finals?
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