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  1. Loved it-great build up,well run, fantastic atmosphere.And although Tom ran away with it his drive was just awesome to watch and Im not particularly a Tom Harris fan (Although Im gradually warming to him!!). Cant wait till next year! DOD 84. Tom Harris RR. 9
  2. He was a true legend- i can remember watching him race when i went with my Dad many years ago at Yarmouth, Ipswich and Wisbech ( Possibly my all time favourite track!). I think then he drove a green Datsun!! RIp Horry- you will be missed
  3. With you all the way Colin!
  4. Im with colin-I like the build up to the final and it didnt look that easy for the reds to me...
  5. Thanks once again- great service!! Also really like the pit updates.
  6. Alan454

    engine failures

    Agree with Colin its probably not connected but could it cause problems if the engine keeps hitting the limiter during a race?
  7. Totally agree with the last 5 posts. I love good hard racing but if I wanted to see drivers doing that sort of thing Id watch banger racing.
  8. Thanks once again for a great service
  9. Alan454

    Meeting Formats

    Spot on Colin. My thoughts exactly!!
  10. Yes stand is very good. I like watching from it. But if you sit in the front row the barrier is right in your eyeline
  11. Tickets received within a week with my choice of seats. Top service!!!!!
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