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    enjoy being part of team 258
  1. Brilliant - Kev can certainly tell a good stockcar story - roll on part 2
  2. 300six

    Stock bodied.

    The last car was debuted in 2010 and Rob finished racing late in 2012 season - sold the car to Lee Warner 290
  3. 300six

    Stock bodied.

    Well as Rob must be havin a non "tinternet" evening - as a now hibernating member of team 258 I can answer this- - it was in fact a fabricated by Rob replica of a Ford Y body - we were all quite proud of the end result - more than a few people were convinced it was bodyshell - in fact it even "fooled" the curator of the Coventry Transport Museum when we had it on display there- asking us where we had sourced the body from - and not to get any ideas of sneaking one out for a future project !! In fact Rob had to make it twice as the car failed technical scrutineering when new- on the angle of the front rollcage pillars (still a sore subject with Rob)- so we ended up cutting it off and start again
  4. what a night of real stockcar racing - the friday before WF day has now become a must do event - thank you NL and NZ drivers for showing me what UK F1's used to be like - howling fast stars negotiating lots of out of control cars resulting in track blockages and rollovers...... just brilliant . Saloons were mental too R R 9 DoD - special mention to H36 but has to be H61 - I think he upset a few of his fellow countrymen along the way
  5. Excellent interview thank you both for your time and effort with this - Rich and his family clearly love their racing - they along with many others are the backbone of F1 stockcars Thank you again Brian for taking the time to do these interviews Regards Wayne
  6. I too think Rich is a very underrated driver that just doesn't seem to get the "rub of the green" when it comes to luck A few questions from me then- Having served quite a long "stockcar apprentiship" - with budget and available time in mind where does he see his racing career peaking - as a regular star grade driver or a good blue roof? Also if an opportunity arose would he prefer to drive for someone else (sponsor / car owner) or get more satisfaction from doing it all yourself ? What task do you dislike the most back in the garage i.e making up wheels & tyres , cleaning brake calipers etc.?
  7. must agree with all above upon our first visit to Earl St - through the "turnstiles" and...... what a AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD hole greeted us- after the second race my mate said I'm gonna stand somewhere else it's bl**dy dangerous here - if a car doesn't come and get you the dodgy stadium electrics will..... don't tread in any puddles they may be live !! BUT we loved it- the racing was fantastically terrifying for drivers and spectators alike
  8. hi Roy Used to mechanic for Coventry's finest fence tester Rob Harrad (258) - had some great times as part of that team and Brandon was at the heart of our racing -whatever else we did the car was always ready for the 1st Saturday of the month The mechanics race was the startrax promoted xmas meeting 2012 I think (may have been 2011 tho) Looking Forward to the Guinchard writeup/pictures especially with the 258 connection
  9. Thanks from me Roy - the piece and pictures of Brandon made me feel sad once again for what I and many others are still missing .... an event at Coventry stadium - those pictures evoked so many memories I can relate to practically every one of those shots- from queueing up at Den's bar hoping to be served before the rolling lap, running down the back pit road with extra water cans to cool that engine down - and out on track in a mechanic's race staring at turn one thinking "will I make it unscathed to the back straight" to spending time in the first aid room (not for me thankfully) - "You don't realise what you have ..until its gone " rings true for me here
  10. For me that is a NO To get to the world Final IS and should be a long road of commitment for all drivers with the ultimate reward of a slot on "That Grid" once you have done well and survived - not dilute it with in effect a "free ticket" to the biggest show in BRIsca land I wasn't a fan …. and still not convinced of the "consolation semi" is right either - perhaps I'm just a bit old school these days
  11. I'm still buzzing from last nights action- for me the feelgood factor has returned - large crowd creating atmosphere - that couple of laps by King John was a masterstroke - no parade lap for him - just gun the car round the circuit for all to enjoy - the crowd reaction sent me all "goosbumpy" What a meeting it just had it all- clashing of the titans of the sport at the back while whites and yellows reaped the benifits as for DoD - great performances by 268,345 and of course No 53 But its between 84 and 390 for their proper stockcar racing all night - Tom just edges it for taking the fight to Stuart big time (and this is from a bit of a closet Smith fan) F2's and mini's were great too DoD 84 R/rating - its a 10 from me all night long
  12. Alan - these were exactly my thoughts - if ever there was body language coming from within anF1 stockcar it was Smithy's on Saturday night - catching him was one thing -taking the lead (and keeping it) entirely another - immense determination emanating from car and driver - it was good to watch
  13. Both William Humphries NZ1 and Adam Joblin NZ2 are showing on the speedworth website drivers list
  14. A trip in June to Ipswich has kinda become a bit of a must do tradition for me - and yet again I was not disappointed - I just like this place It has a sort of Baarlo/Hednesford/Venray feel to it - I know it's "stockcars racing" but I like it for that and the facilities/viewing are second to none - giving that sense of occasion lacking at some venues enjoyed all the formulas on the bill - it is sooo fast there ( more bumperwork going on in the hotrods to be honest) DoD - dick dastardly himself 197 - just for attempting to make the final a stockcar race - although Karl Hawkins may disagree racing rating 8 Will be back next year - its worth the trip
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