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  1. Very topical Carlton. Maybe the ORCI should get ‘an advisor’ to re interpret the government guidance regarding lockdown and then we can all drive 260 miles to racing.....I don’t think oval racing is part of the old boys network so we would all probably get fined.
  2. Unfortunately the two stadiums are not next to each other. There are a few sports pitches in between. its a great shame that public money could be put into a multi sports venue to give dogs, cars, bikes and other sports a great facility. Now we are facing the loss of dogs and stox. I can’t see any room for pit space unless the pitches are lost, so doubt it will ever happen. Who wants noisy, dust cars next to their back garden....if a new permission is required to run stox it will never happen without political will and unfortunately local politician listen to local residents rather than stox fans.
  3. Thanks for the correction Rod. Don’t know what I was thinking. Peter saw his chance to get even quick and took it...
  4. Strange how rocket Rod seemed to speed and head for the stranded cars once Lundy was behind him...payback for an earlier move perhaps. The place was an absolute tip. Track rough as hell but cars flew round there in a constant battle with the potholes and the other cars. What would we all say if it was still like that nowadays?. I recall one meet with about 8 tollovers. Loved the place and have many happy memories stood on the home straight mound. Thanks for the video.
  5. Thanks guys. Enjoyed the racing again. Classic race with Harris, Danny and that pesky Dutch guy.
  6. I always thought of Peter as a man of few words. How wrong was I?. Great interview with lots of stories about his racing past and a few ideas for the future. This series has been excellent. Keep them coming Jon you are doing a great job!. in terms of ideas, pay per view has got to be seriously considered as a trial. Stadium sport is going to come with social distancing for a while and meetings simply won’t be profitable for promoters with a few hundred people. Stage a trial with all ticket entry to limit the crowd, plus as many as possible pay per view and meetings might just be possible until we are back to normal. One for Jonathan to work on with BriSCA and the BSCDA......
  7. Looking forward to this one.Can we have the beams across the track and Bammy/Alan Barker on the centre green poking drivers with the end of his flag if they drove over the pitch.
  8. Making a woolly announcement and then correcting it in part the day after and then releasing the guidance document for employers three days later is just another one of the own goals that have been scored by this government. People are fast losing faith as we all see how we compare to other countries. We didn’t act quick enough and have not conveyed a plan to get out of it very well. When all of this is over there will be a lot of examination and a number of very nervous politicians.
  9. I think it’s 10 rounds but happy to be corrected. If we aren’t going back racing soon it would be great to continue it maybe after a short break. Beats anything on TV by miles.
  10. Well, I am pleased ECL left the sight of him dancing in crop top and pants right until the end. Another great nights entertainment chaps. Banter between Forehead boy and Mr Corp Top great as always, and some fantastic racing on a track I don’t even like. This lockdown E racing does strange things...... looking forward to B V next week. Will they bounce off the fence or stay stuck?.
  11. Getting back racing for us will be a long process. We have the advantage that some racing is happening in the US and promoters can learn from that in terms of what works or doesn’t. Although we are all missing racing, Dave Wayne sums up what I think will be the view of a lot of fans, who may deem the risks outweigh the benefits of watching racing. Promoters will have to try and see if the crowds are sufficient to make racing viable. The government has done a good job of persuading us to stay home. It will take some time for everything to normalise, and until their is a vaccine, I don’t think a lot of people will want to go chasing racing across the country. unfortuntely we don’t have the infrastructure to watch racing via Pay per view like they do in the States. Once racing starts it would be the perfect time to launch but it’s a risky business proposition with investment required at a time when the promoters probably don’t want to invest?.
  12. Thanks Counter, out of interest were there any restrictions on the number of mechanics allowed in the pits and how they work on the cars?
  13. It is a lot of words and not much information. The ORCi are in the dark like much of the rest of the country. What appears to be consistent through the rumours over here and gradual opening up in Europe is the maintenance of social distancing. In stadiums like ours where there is little or no seating, this will be difficult to police by the promoters and other than to cap the number of people in the stadium and let the crowd space themselves out by effectively self policing. I can’t see how they can police it effectively without an army of stewards. This won’t affect many domestic meetings where crowds are outnumbered by competitors, but for F1 there may need to be an advance ticketing system and cap for a while. I doubt we will get this years WF due to the risks associated with a packed crowd. To run profitably prices will need to go up or drivers accept reduced start and prize money. Hopefully things will become clearer in the next few weeks and we might get some racing at the back end of the year, however limited.
  14. Another great interview. Thanks Jon and Ryan. I’m not a fan of Ryan and am amongst the section of crowd that like to boo at him when he wins. He laps it up to his credit. His cars look awesome and are superbly engineered, but they don’t seem to set the world on fire in terms of results. Having said that the sport needs characters like Ryan. Marmite drivers who split the crowds and cause controversy and incident. Without the likes of Ryan the sport would be poorer. His mind had been elsewhere of late and it’s good to see he will be ramping up his efforts in F1. When he turns his mind to it he can set a race alight. His win in the shootout was sheer determination and fully deserved.
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