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In Topic: 2020 Fixture List

Yesterday, 11:28 PM

The Euro is always at Northampton

Bloomin 'eck love.
Now your posting the bleedin obvious.

If Stoxnet has changed its policy regarding posting opinion, when all I intended was to support the use of Birmingham now it has been reinstated, can someone please let me know and then I'll be happy to refrain.

In Topic: 2020 Fixture List

Yesterday, 06:57 PM

a. Hednesford again doesnt really excite, will it be much different to last year?

I'd be quite happy if it's exactly as good as last  year.   ;)    :nod: 
Agreed. it was a great meeting
I never stated it was a bad meeting, i thoroughly enjoyed it myself and it was high time that a major was given to Hednesford again.
However, what i also enjoy with the nature of our sport is the rotational element of championships usually being moved around between tracks to keep the excitement and momentum going, that is, for me.

Whilst I'm delighted to see a healthy fixture list, the fact that the British, the World and of course the European are all at the same tracks as last year, for me, isn't too exciting.

In Topic: 2020 Fixture List

21 January 2020 - 11:15 PM

Having the British at Birmingham would have been good:

a. Hednesford again doesnt really excite, will it be much different to last year?

b. If Brum's future is uncertain, make the most of it now.

c. The place could probably do with a bit of a morale boost.

Looking forward to Mildenhall and Bristol but as usual, work dictates.

In Topic: When was your first ever World Final?!

16 January 2020 - 02:24 PM

1988 Hednesford.
Glorious sunshine.
Sunday afternoon WF.
Huge ampitheatre of a place.
Real atmosphere.
33 & 53 hammer and tongs.
Elwell's MkII.
Ian Higgins' massive hands!

In Topic: Birmingham track

14 January 2020 - 11:08 PM

Ignoring inane posts has contributed to the sport being in the corner it now is.
Birm, Stoke and since the building of the Belle Vue speedway stadium have had clouds over them for some time, yet we wait for the hammer to fall before doing anything, like considering where those fixtures could go.

A cynic I may be, but my thoughts are far from inane, the inane thoughts are from those who refuse to accept the inevitable and the changes that are vital.

Make your mind up!?


I'm all ears, I'm sure we all are.

You sound as if you have the answers so please, put them into action and stop the few tracks we have left from closing.


Or, save your energy and bash fans who simply want to air the fact they did what they could by travelling the country and turning up to watch, and then dare to mention they're going to miss the place due to a decision that is well beyond their control.