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Yesterday, 11:24 PM

Colin , i never said racing was cheaper back in the day , what I am saying is that racing can be made cheaper than it currently is , yes a driver can buy whatever car they choose to suit their budget , all depends on how far they want to go in the sport , some spend a fortune and win ,others get nowhere ,some spend very little and win but not from the back of the grid ,talent can only take you so far !At Kings Lynn early season we were parked next to a team with more money in their engine (he told me how much) than we had in our complete outfit ,wagon included ! We beat him every race from the same grade However our teams kit will not win from further down the grid . All Im saying is that things like the useless dampertech shocks which are made of toffee should be replaced with heavy duty shockers that last even if they cost more initially, reduce tyre grip therefore reducing HP requirements, eliminate Ali components in suspension and axles , all expensive kit that isnt needed and which makes the cars more fragile .
Next , the reason that V8s dont get the same driver and crowd support is simple , theyre not F1s , they dont sound as good , they dont have the same presence, they dont hit as hard ( by this I mean because they are lighter ) dont get me wrong I love V8s and think they are a great formula although they too can be expensive. Now an F1 with a 7 grand engine can sound just as good as an F1 with a 17 grand engine so why spend the extra 10 grand ? I know that with the right engine builder money buys reliability but money can also buy power and then the rest have to follow suit in order to keep up . The axle width issue of the past winter is a perfect example and thankfully the BSCDA/BMB or whoever it was used their brains before it got out of hand . Youve said before that bringing car rules inline to make one car more competitive on both surfaces would result in cut up chassis and scrapped cars but you know thats not true , were not talking drastic changes but the gradual closing of the tarmac/shale spec of cars over say a five year period , drivers could still have two cars and indeed most top drivers would BUT it wouldnt be nessecary as it is now , this would also bring back the opportunity of double headers on different surfaces like the old skeggy Boston double headers . For me an engine inlet restrictors plate is the best option regarding engines , drivers can still spend as much as they like on an engine but with HP capped it wouldnt be nessecary. Right Im done for now .

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Yesterday, 10:54 PM

I hope she pays for the air ambulance really.


Cos it wasnt needed thats why

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Yesterday, 04:19 PM

One simple answer to the problem which also proves to be a contentious issue , Make Formula 1 stockcars cheaper to buy/build , race and repair . Cheaper cars = more cars = more action = more fun , drivers are far more willing to throw around a 10/15 grand car than they are a 40 grand plus car , its not such a kick in the teeth if you pop a £60/70 tyre compared to a £120 tyre etc etc , but Ive said this before to the usual response of its always been expensive ,head brick wall !

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Yesterday, 02:59 PM

Put simply if BRISCA wished to do away with start money then they and the BSCDA need to work on reducing the cost of racing . £100 a meeting is a big difference, for both sides . And like you Beaks I had a mechanics licence for F2s for a couple of years ,£50 a year wasnt too bad

In Topic: Putting the fun back in?

Yesterday, 12:46 PM

No start money and no driver + 3 WILL cost the sport in driver numbers and why should a mechanic pay to get in when they miss at least half of the racing