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In Topic: Belle Vue Memory

19 November 2019 - 08:21 PM

My first BV world Final when Willie won will remain engrained in my memory. The noise as the crowd erupted was fantastic.

We were sat in the stand a few rows down from what must have been Willies family and I remember him coming up into the stand with the biggest smile you have ever seen on his face.

In my opinion the best track ever.

In Topic: Belle Vue Results- Sunday 10th November 2019

18 November 2019 - 07:55 PM

The results team provide a terrific service which is greatly appreciated by myself and hundreds of other stox fans both at and away from the meetings.
Many thanks from me for this season and i hope you all have a relaxing closed season and come back refreshed for more of the same next year

In Topic: Colin North

17 November 2019 - 10:31 AM

RIP Colin.

In Topic: Midlands track

11 November 2019 - 10:53 PM

Hopefully this new venture is pretty nailed on. I doubt Steve would have mentioned it so publically otherwise.

We will be there in the queue at the first meeting and I hope it is a great success.

Terrace gossip from where I was stood is that it begins with L and is a current speedway track no far from Coventry.......


11 November 2019 - 10:41 PM

Season over for us and what a way to end it.

The weather gods shone on us and I was very pleased to see a large crowd at Belle Vue for hopefully not the last meeting. It has been an awful season for Startrax and many would not be surprised if he packed it all in at the end of next season. Steve is made of stronger stuff, still fighting the prospect of closure of BV and closing in on a new midlands venture, I take my hat off to the guy for carrying on. Well done for taking the mic and updating us all on the developments and thanking stadium and Startrax staff for their hard work in the face of adversity this year. Without the team at Startrax the sport would be a lot poorer.

On track it was action all the way. Frank led off with a strong heat win with Tom just sitting behind for the finish. Ricky Wilson took the ex Smithy car to a victory in heat 2, than Matt took a well deserved consi win from the very entertaining Mr Box office.

Time for the big event and the big question was who can stop Tom. Well they all pretty much had a go. Frank first on lap 1, but not strong enough to finish him off, only for Tom to repay the hit next bend. Tom visited the fence again courtesy of Paul Hines with young Ted on the end of the train but the 84 car once again managed to keep running. Bobby G had a pop but 84 still kept going. At the front a great race developed with Matt leading the pack into the last lap followed by a Griffin. He managed to hold on despite a challenge from Bobby for a good win and the prospect of quadruple points in the GN. A third by professor Green and a no score by Tom kept the shootout on the boil with 5 drivers in with a chance of winning on the final race.

The atmosphere on the rolling lap was electric. There were so many permutations of what would happen my head was buzzing.....but one by one all the challengers fell away. Frank never got off to a start with mechanical problems. Matt ended up being taken out and with no front tyre retired. Green never got near the front, Lee and Bobby never got the chance to get near Tom who did what was needed to win the shootout. I couldnt help but feel a bit deflated after the GN knowing what could have been, but that’s not taking away from what was an excellent meeting.

Tom has set the bar high and no one has been able to live with him this year. Frank has been stretched to far and seems to have lost his mojo. Nigel could challenge but seems to have gone off the boil after a good start. Dan seems to have lost interest in it all. We need a new challenger next year and that could be Bobby Griffin. Great form in the last three months of the season. Not afraid of anyone and destined for top honours in the near future. He was battling all the way in the shootout and far exceeded his expected score. If only he had won the final we could have had a very unexpected silver roof. Maybe next year......

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