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    BriSCA F1 fan since early 70's.
  1. Thank you to the kind anonymous donation, whoever you are lol 😁
  2. Thank you John Dawson for your kind donation
  3. Hi all, i know this isnt Stock Car related, but i am doing a charity ride for Diabetes UK in the Prudential Ride London 100 mile in July. I lived the dream with Team Newson, ok i didnt make my name lol, but after a life time of watching F1s i lived it!! I also put my name down to help with Cov Saviour programne (still ongoing i know) so im just reaching out to the Stock Car fraternity to help with my great cause.... Please take a minute to read my short story, many thanks, Marcus 427 https://www.justgiving.com/Marcus-Collins1971
  4. As far as I'm concerned Nigel, there is not many nails left to hammer in on the coffin m8 lol
  5. The thing is Will, putting Shale on a Tarmac track does't bring back Cov!! We now lose a Tarmac track to the Shale lovers, and lose a track for the Tar lovers lol, so yes, they can't win! It's not the answer for the loss of Cov! NIR is my 'local' as such, but will now not be attending, as I'm just not interested in Shale racing at a track that for me has always been Tarmac! No loss to Brisca and the promoters I know, but it's another loss for me......... I've already got me coat on
  6. I did do the Euro's this year and won't be next year lol, I'm just not interested in a Shale NIR, I'll get me coat!! 🙄
  7. Yeah i just do not see any logical thinking behind this! People are moaning that we have lost Cov....... but putting shale in at NIR is not logical! Its still not Cov, and we then lose a Tar Track!! 🙄🙄
  8. Well well well!! Thats my local track now ruined then!! Soon their wont be any tracks that i will be interested in going to!! Well done to the decision makers!! 🙄
  9. I fear this one maybe low on numbers seen as it's a 'nothing' meeting (an Buxton the next day is a WQ) I hope this is not the case seen as it's my local track lol
  10. Would that be the Tarmac special? 'If' he's actually racing that car lol
  11. So, is Ant Whorton-Eales related to "thee" Whorton's? And as he was using Brian's number
  12. Does anyone have Paul Tully (photographer) contact details please? PM me
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