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    I used to race ministox in the early 80’s. Been an F1 fan since before then.

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  1. A truly brilliant interview. Thanks to all for making it happen 😁
  2. What a fantastic interview, and what a fantastic, stock car character. Looking forward to hearing part 2 😁
  3. Just a bit of a lock down thought. Many drivers have raced numerous cars over their careers, which evolved each time. How about posting a pic of your favourite car, from a certain driver. Not necessarily the fastest, most famous car, or even the one they achieved their best results, but more aesthetically their best looking Stock Car. Forgive me, but I'm very much 70's and 80's spectator, only recently drawn back to F1's largely due to this forum, so I've attached my favourite Stu Smith, Frankie Wainman and Dave Bezz cars to hopefully get the ball rolling. It would be great to see other people's thoughts who've been around the scene longer than me, especially of drivers who've been around for many years, eg John Lund, Frankie Jnr, Willie + Paul Harrison etc
  4. Great interview and another driver pondering if the sport as a whole, would prosper more if costs were brought down, and using one, duel surface car became the norm.
  5. Nigel I know this is an F1 forum, so if not on here, is there anywhere where you've posted blogs or stories of your speedway days? I for one would be keen to hear some 😁
  6. Like everyone I seem to have a lot of time to think these days 🤔. Was wondering which driver(s) have raced the most seasons, and also which drivers have attended the most meetings? With far less meetings in recent years, I suppose drivers could rack up many more meetings in a 70s or 80s year than more recently. John Lund, Willie and Paul Harrison, immediately spring to my mind, as well as both Frankie Snr and Jnr.
  7. Thanks for asking Brownspeed. I also don't have a clue what this is about 😁
  8. Thanks Gents - I'm looking forward to this
  9. Having never been to Buxton before, can anyone advise if there will be camping available at the track, or nearby?
  10. Jake had some real bad luck last season. Hoping for better this time around
  11. That is a really cleverly designed, multi use, track design
  12. Sounds great. Thanks for the help
  13. I'm hoping to witness my first F1 Scottish weekend next season. Can anyone advise if there is usually camping available?
  14. Amazing! I wonder how big the car turn outs were?
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