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  1. ?? Im not there so I dont know what rules are in place etc... but does that mean he drove to the start finish line to pick up his trophy? Seems a bit harsh, can someone there elaborate please?
  2. love the updates! I do miss the behind the scenes videos of the 415 team so its been great to see whats going on. Good website also 👍
  3. looks good!! Good work Rob 🤙
  4. Really good interview. any chance of a lockdown interview with fwj?
  5. very good interview, looking forward to seeing the new car for sure
  6. Were F2's in the live arena?
  7. Now the event is over, and its not going to effect footfall, surely somebody in the know can give the reason? what possible harm can it do?
  8. That doesnt sound very encouraging. We were all set to be attending tomorrow, but the news that the F1's were removed from the demos means we cant justify the journey and the entrance.
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