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  1. eddie R you have seen how it works out on stewart smiths car, and charlie sworders car what are you hoping to see,hope you have your ticket for bradford or you will see nothing
  2. STOX 74 stuart smith built the chassis,same as his shale car he seemed to do fairly well on shale also same as charlie sworders car smithy built that I believe.😁
  3. here we go coventry managed on 3 heats cons, final and helter skelter no support races .down to the fish and chip shop by 10 15 in local village, whats all this AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD about track time lets just have a good formula 1 meeting linky we are talking about BRADFORD no doughnuts,,,ONION BARGEES,NAN BREADS, POPADOMS, CHICKEN BALTI,WE HAVE TO MOVE WITH THE TIMES
  4. good to see charlie sworder booked in ,come on mick pick up the phone and get in, i have my chair tickets, also my cool box ticket see you all saturday, covid permitting, good luck VIC C🤧
  5. met office weather forcast for sunday 27/10/2019 at BRAFIELD STADIUM,or NIR, FINE AND SUNNY ALL DAY,
  6. met office for northampton sunday 27 10 2019. DRY AND SUNNY ALL DAY.
  7. CARL H,,exactly, you are in a position to stop the rubbish
  8. big dunc, nothing to do with manners, the truth hurts, if the public read all the rubbish that is put on stoxnet they will never bother to go and watch,if everyone kept to F1 information and made it interesting, it might attract a few more spectators,and even a few promoters might jion in with there thoughts,
  9. Sorry linky but the July speedweekend at Skegness last year proved that to be wrong. As I said above, I arrived at 3pm on the Saturday, 2 hours before racing started, and there was nowhere to stand on the home straight or either bend due to the number of chairs already in place. Row upon row of chairs on the home straight, and even the old trackside parking area was full of chairs, about 4 rows of them. Never seen it that bad anywhere before, maybe it was the hot weather that dragged everybody out. Surprised there were not more arguments on the day due to people having to stand in between the
  10. alan, cottage farm caravan site. just down the road, £18 per night, electric, showers toilets,bar and resturant, run by ex formula 2 driver and family. lots of drivers and fans use it. PE24 4TS. TEL 01754872598
  11. i have looked right through this thread,and not once does it say ,FANS MUST ATTEND, the speaks own the stadium they make the rules. if you do not like the rules, DO NOT GO, SIMPLES. stop at home.
  12. hi asha, i would not bother about the people who are moaning about prices ect, 90% of them do not even attend the meetings, they are nothing more than a bunch of *REMOVED* makes you wonder how they can afford the fuel to get there, good luck VIC COOK.
  13. advice for all that think £20 is too expensive, stop at home, promoters who put their neck on the line,deserve support, not negative comments on here.
  14. i thought stoxnet was about f1 stock cars. .it seems to be all about big transporters and who can park them, up to yet 13 comments on this. and as tor nigel green getting his biggy in, what he does when he is not racing is up to him.
  15. ozzy, simple answer to your post, do not go track side, take a chair and sit with the rest of us.
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