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    Shock and Roar

    Message to Neil, Sir, I ordered my book on Tuesday afternoon and it arrived first post today (in time for my holiday) Amazon and the likes could learn a thing or two from you! Many thanks
  2. I seriously hope that this 'euphoria' for Brafield as Shale does not come and bite Deane Wood, Brisca and the sport in general in the backside. I can forsee (and I've lived in Northampton all my life and know the nature of the Nimby's in these parts) a backlash if the dust reaches the farm next door, the village or Horton or even the cars passing on the day. People who live in this area are acutely sensitive to anything they don''t like or follow and will react badly. Now I don't know if you need permission to change the format of the circuit surface but that won't matter when the Parish Councillor gets dust on his conservatory! This appeasing the 'Euros should be shale' plays into the hands of the locals.......mark my words. For those of you that will say 'you just don't want Brafield as shale' you are blimmin' right IMO it isn't right, leave as is. Hope I'm wrong (waits for predicable comments of 'yes you are')
  3. I personally hope it's not true..... 1-Incarace don't seem to have a huge amount of experience with shale other than Mildenhall, from what's said on here a stable shale track is a 'dark art' 2-The Villagers of Horton and to a lesser extent Brafield will be up in arms if they have to suffer shale dust as well as noise. Gives them a golden opportunity to make protestations and the line 'it's been here since 1954' won't hold up if they change the surface 3-Are we suggesting that if it is true (there is nothing to substantiate this) it's going to become a 90-car-meeting mecca? Irrespective of any preference for whatever surface I think it'd be commercial suicide..........unless somebody benefits from having it 'closed'
  4. Well written and sensible post Rigger Man, a call for change and positive actions similar to my recent post although you've really touched on some specific key ideas to stimulate both sport and fans. It sounds, like me, despite the naysayers you get to point where you need to push ahead away from the doom and gloom. Length of meetings interests me, I always thought that a multitude of formulae was to keep fans in the stadium and more likely spend cash at the outlets. I often wonder whether a fast turnaround meeting would counteract that loss in revenue from extra punters coming in the doors. Coventry....80's....7.15 start....6 race.....chips.....and back in time for last orders!
  5. I have been watching F1 (and other oval motorsport) for over 40 years, I am a second generation spectator and my son is third generation. I have a number of ‘loves’ in my social life…… football (ahem….Northampton Town), motorcycles, stockcars, drag racing but over the years the stock cars have been ‘dependable’……….but not now. I used to speak with people about F1/F2 and tell them how it’s accessible, great fun for families and relatively low-cost but I feel ‘we’, the whole sport, are our own worst enemies, that’s fans, drivers, promoters, BSCDA, BriSCA……everyone. In a time of pressure from local authorities, national government, pressure groups not to mention other challengers for our hard earned cash this sport seems to continually seek to shoot itself in the foot at any opportune moment. It’s only made worse by the forums, facebook, twitter and the like because it gives a platform for people to administer their dislike and prejudice to all who will read it and I’m not sure people realise how much damage it is doing. The ability of some folk to turn a positive into a negative (and rarely the reverse) is quite astounding. This last 2-3 weeks has seen, from my perspective, some of the most stupid and divisive behaviour from all sectors of the sport that achieves nothing but demoralising people. I didn’t go to Ipswich (I did NIR), I could afford it, I liked the grid, I’ve never been to Ipswich but you know, I’m just fed up with the constant back-biting and antagonistic attitudes currently and I’m on a downer with it all. -Tarmac and Shale debate- think yourselves lucky we can race on either, let alone both -People hating certain drivers, teams, sponsors, promoters and happy to type it up without any consideration for people’s feelings, it’s close to trolling -The instant haranguing by the same few posters on anyone………anyone that posts a view opposed to theirs -Promotions doing nothing more than biting the hands that feed (drivers and fans) -Inconsistency and lack of information about certain events, when a release of information could nip things in the bud -It goes on and on and on…………to the point where today, a third generation stock car racing family member is roundly castigated for racing a stock car rather than his BTC and winning a trophy. How dare he come to BriSCA and race! The initial query from a poster was because he had heard Brisca F1 mentioned on mainstream TV, why on earth don’t we celebrate and build on things like this? This sport, and all its participants, are so insular and inward-looking, the sport will dissolve, wilt, diminish, call it what you will unless action is taken to pull in the right direction……hence the title, a call for cooperation. With money washing around the sport why can’t there be a council or committee that contains a member(s) from each sector to discuss ways of cooperates together and promoting the sport (and please don’t tell me we already have promoters, we have circuit operators). Aside from a few pockets of fresh thinking we don’t promote our sport, we simply try to hang on to the fans that already know about the sport and bemoan why they are drifting away. With a multi-discipline committee that covers all the aspects of cooperation between the drivers~promoters~fans that actively seeks to work in conjunction and not in spite of each other the sport could employ a Marketing Manager to drive the knowledge of our sport to the wider public. It doesn’t even need to be on a national basis. I live in Northampton and am constantly amazed how so few people in a town of over 200,000 people known where Brafield even is let alone what’s on yet they all know about Santa Pod. They’re both minority sports yet one approaches the public professionally and one doesn’t. I even dropped my lad off at a Primary School Summer Club and there’s a model drag car in reception from when Santa Pod promotions visited and made a talk to the kids. There are flyers in every shop from Halfords to pubs, supermarkets and in the papers. If it was me, I’d have a stock car in the town centre on the Saturday before the Sunday, I’d even get a stock car at the football in front of 6-7,000 people. Even an extra 250 people would bring in £5,000 of which some could be re-invested in the sport……………..you get the picture. It’s almost like some people don’t want the issues solved that they moan about, if things improved (because of cooperation) they’d lose their subject matter. In fact, if crowds grew there would be moans about lack of space in the circuit! You can’t even give a RR vote now because your perception of that meeting is criticised as though you are some sort of myopic fool, God forbid you have your own opinion. I don’t post very often, my reticence is usually down to the wave of criticism that often results if it doesn’t ‘fit in’ but I’m at the point of ‘it needs saying’ Yours in sport, let’s pull together
  6. Carl B

    445. Setup

    I've been really intrigued by the whole Nigel Green thing as he has very stealthily entered F1 and was very good in F2. I originally couldn't fathom why you would take a car and change it to the degree where only the main rails are original but he's gone in such a different direction that seems to work he's unstoppable pace-wise (but he's a marked man now) I see his car as so wide but this never gets him into bother on the track. The rear axle and the fact that the inside rear is not so close to the body makes me wonder. It's like the inside weight is not being dictated by the position of the axle in the car but having a 'squarer' set up allows weight to be lower all around and weight positioned where he wants it rather than getting inside weight purely by the body closer to the inside wheel. Maybe the wheels being closer to four points of a rectangle works better than having a uneven quadrilateral where the axle width and wheel positions are all varied? *I wish I knew more about set up! I also note when out on track his engine seems to be hooked up and revving much better, much earlier in the straights, like it's geared lower or he's been able to get traction and speed up more quickly coming out of turns. Much as I like bit hits I also like his approach of not needing to destroy people, again he's stealth, plus this brings the added bonus of not getting too many enemies. He's on record (I think) of saying treat people as you'd want to be treated. Maybe it's just a generic thing, for sure the precision needed to drive in DTM (i.e. his brother) is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of F1 Stockcars. The resisting of a leaden foot might just be the secret For sure, he's a great asset to F1, I hope he's really enjoying it because he's great to watch. Is he still having a Thornton car built? Not that he seems to need it.................
  7. Carl B

    Electric Stock Cars?

    We've already got them, Slot Car Racing..............in a few years time we'll all be huddled round a track in the nearest community centre (or hopefully pub) watching 60 car meetings in warm, dry conditions. God only knows what people will moan about..........who will promote it?...........will we have shall and tarmac? But at least the moaners can't criticise follow-ins.....................surely not possible on slot car racing On the serious note, I've never heard such, ill-informed, misjudged and completely unthought AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD in all my days, what planet are this government on?
  8. Carl B

    Crankshaft type

    Glad to hear it Alan..... Still miss mine, it went to west coast of Wales first after me and currently resides in Sweden apparently. I love the irony that so many Swedes love their V8's, loads of drag racers there too
  9. Carl B

    Crankshaft type

    Knowing the difference as I do is great but the explanation on this you tube link sums it up far better than I ever could. I had a TVR chimaera 5.0L V8 which was a traditional cross plane cranked engine originating back to the 302CID Buick engine that British Leyland bought the rights for and used in Landrovers and SD1 Rovers for years and I preferred the Cross Plane sound. Loved the Cerbera but was scared witless of engine failure rumours, hope Alan's has been OK Was on the M1 yesterday and has a new Mustang next to me in traffic and I have to say the sound (flat plane) was excellent. Having said all that, we've got a weekend V12 car and I still prefer a V8!
  10. I assume Murray Jones will be suspended as well for his follow in on Ben Hurdman? Take a look at the video on Ben's twitter page.............you decide if there was just as much, if not more intent. Parity?
  11. Problem is, most of the comments from the 'send him home' crew are jaded by the fact they don't like Tom anyway so it's a biased view. Fact is that the hit was from within the track (i.e. not cut the corner to spear tackle Dan) and the hit was quite late so he carried momentum into Dan. For those that say grow up, how is it any more grown up to slow down the leader of a British Championship when you're a lap down allowing another driver to catch up?? Short memories for sure, Euro's #84 fenced by a corner cutting #16, #220 fencing #212, the list is endless It's stock car peeps and it's what keeps us coming back
  12. Ian, I've PM'd you with my contact details............. Carl
  13. Carl B

    Technical Thread

    Hi, I have a few questions in my mind, perhaps someone could answer.... 1- Cooling & Coolant- As far as I can see in the pits everybody seems to use plain water in the cooling system when coolant (ethylene glycol or propylene glycol) are better heat dispersants than water (by up to 12-15C). This is only the case up to 50-50 mix beyond which the cooling performance drops off. Also, coolant has additives that protect polymer seals etc in the engine. So.......why doesn't anybody seems to use coolant when everybody moans about overheating? 2- Scrutineering- Am I right in thinking that post-win scrutineering is supposed the measure the car as it finished the race by virtue of the car going straight to the scales? Do the rules cover the possibility that some bright spark could have a device to move ballast post-race-but-pre-scrutineering or have a levered suspension linkage that moves weight to the inside when cornering but remains within the 52.x% when static? 3- Shale vs. Tarmac set ups- As I understand you want weight low down for low body roll and understeer for tarmac and higher up for body roll (and break grip for oversteer) for shale. We occasionally see success of cars on the 'wrong' surface and I guess people would say that to be successful you have to change too much week on week to set up the car for each surface. Given this why not merge or partially merge the specfications so that it is 'easier' to have a dual surface car. I personally love tarmac technology but I'd rather lose these and have dual-purpose cars 4- Diffs-Gearboxes-Halfshafts- Is it me or do we seem to have a plethora of failed units today compared to the 80's, 90's early 00's etc. I imagine today's cars are accelerating harder, cornering harder/faster, hitting harder but has strength and technology not kept pace? I am used to seeing some drivers cars fall to pieces far more easily than others which is down to craftsmanship but with these items being standard units we always seem to see photos with gearboxes out and 'loaded up due to diff problems'. There's my few questions and I'd love to know an insight into them.....ta very much!
  14. Carl B

    Technical Thread

    As many and as varied as possible please. I often feel like asking questions to the forum out of curiosity (as an engineer) but feel that the next wave of replies will be a condescending raft of 'it's the drivers business only' so I don't bother. I'd love to know about tarmac vs. shale set-ups but I know full well I'd get a series of replies saying 'tarmac racing cars', 'shale's the only way' etc etc I suspect I am not alone in resisting posting for fear of being accused of being nosey/controversial/insulting/stupid from the 'man & boy' supporters who seem to dominate this forum. I guess my post could qualify for all four categories?
  15. Just a message to the people who just can't resist 'having a go' at ~ Incarace ~ World Masters ~ Northampton and dare I say tarmac..................GOOD, don't go, you won't be missed, stay at home stabbing pins into your Voodoo Doll and stop the snidey comments. Facts are that several Dutch shale drivers are prepared to joins the ranks on Sunday and that should be applauded.................ooh, a positive comment, that can't be right? 50 cars is better than a normal meet and negativity damages the sport you people profess to love! Oh damn, I'm falling into the same spell as the doom-mongers..............TTFN
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