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  1. Yes, could I also ask where I can find the workshop tours and the other Matt Newson stuff mentioned in the BSCDA description. I’ve had a look on the youtube channel. Facebook? Anybody got any pointers?
  2. Excellent stuff as always. The interviewing style is really professional now and Johnathon's easygoing and intelligent outlook makes for great easy viewing.
  3. How’s the car progressing now? Any new news? Still dying to see the final vid of the set. Been a bit of a highlight of lockdown 2 tbh.
  4. Can not wait to see the final video. These have been so interesting and well put together. Just wonderful engagement and insight. Such a huge undertaking but done with aplomb by Jake and team. Hats off! Next video soon please the suspense is killing me 😄
  5. You an still be heard through a mask though. It just means that you aren't spitting on people as you talk. A surprising amount of spittle flys about when you talk, especially loudly and this loud chat is what takes place at most tracks.
  6. Love this. Thanks so much for posting. Really enjoyed watching it. This is our heritage, the footage is so so important to preserve. It's social documentation More please!!.
  7. It's always worth going. It's race day. Sights, sounds, smells, atmosphere. Sense of community, being among fellow race fans. Different formula, the bustle of the pits. Shale flying through the air. People working hard to get the cars back out on track, team work, passion. Love racing.
  8. I'm getting ready for the Vue this aft! The first race is billed to start at 3.30pm is that Mini stox? Cheers.
  9. I have no issue with the meeting lengths, I'm so used to it now after attending for nearly 10 years, I understand the reason diff formula are on and the percentage of 'crowd' that they all attract. These are all just and fair things to take into consideration. What I don't get is that unless its a World Qualifier the numbers on F1 entries are always down. At the end of the day I'll always attend as I also understand that lower than WQR car turn outs does not mean strong racing, far from it, I just wonder what prevents more F1's getting involved? Hats off and a big thanks to all who are
  10. Would be great to see Lee out on shale at the Vue. Fab driver to watch round there. Loved his season sporting the gold roof and been a fan ever since. Would also be nice to see Sir Lund make another bank holiday visit! Finger crossed for both. With the Vue set to close possibly, as we all know (I really hope it doesn't) I'd love to see big driver support for this great stock car track.
  11. Can't wait to see #53 John Lund. Is Tom defo not at BV then. Kids are fans and wanted to see him. The booking list hasn't been updated for a few days now and he's still showing but obviously they are open to changes. Belle Vue is our local track so will be there anyhow.
  12. Could someone please inform me when the first F1 race is to be run today? Somewhat confused about timings. Many thanks !
  13. Can't wait. First meet of the year for us. Local track and a star grade #45, what more do you need?
  14. Looking forward to this. Only done the April Stoke so far this season and I only live in Stretford so it to would be rude not too! Looking forward to seeing the booking list. Come on Lundy!!!!!!! Lets have ya!
  15. 53 often just rocks up if the mood takes him. Hardly ever appears on a BV or Stoke booking list but often attends. Also its a WCQR so ?????
  16. Weather also looking great from 2.00pm onwards. Its overcast here at the min and I think we are due a little rain about 11.00am But after that the forecast looks fantastic. Really looking forward to it.
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