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  1. I am hoping someone may be able to help me out please. Having been a life long fan of BriSCA F1 since 3 weeks old, after 46 years of spectating, photographing, interviewing drivers, writing about the sport and being involved with the TV coverage, I have finally decided that the time is right to finally own an F1 of my own before I get too old to regret not doing it. So I have committed to buying a car to restore for Heritage when it has been completed. The first step was to buy a van to use to tow it to meetings and provide camper accommodation at meetings. A van has been bought. Next I need to find a suitable trailer that can carry the weight of an F1 that is within my budget, and I am currently searching at the moment. I have an old car lined up and I am in the process of buying it and have several people lined up to help with with the restoration along the way. Now my biggest stumbling block that is currently preventing me from going much further in getting the ball rolling on fulfilling my life long dream of owning a stock car. I still don't have anywhere to keep the actual stock car and work on the stock car. So I am on the look out for somewhere around the Preston, Blackburn, Leyland area where I could either rent a small space in which I could keep and work on the stock car. I live in North Preston, so Ideally I am looking for somewhere within a 10 to 15 mile radius of home if possible. I am not looking for something too expensive otherwise the restoration will take me twice as long to save up for any parts needed. My ideal situation would be to do this somewhere where they already race as I am starting out with literally no tools other than a few spanners and screw drivers etc, but I have plenty of enthusiasm for the project if not much knowledge on how to get the job done. So if anybody knows of any space available in the Preston or surrounding areas at a reasonable price, either on its own like an unused farm shed or building, or a space sharing with another racer, I would be very grateful to hear your ideas or suggestions. I guess it needs to be secure, dry, have lighting and a power socket. Thanks for any help that anyone may be able to offer. Regards Chris Clark 07939 674168
  2. Onboard footage from Ormskirk Motorfest from V8 Hotstox 355 Bryan Andrew and 396 Doug Cronshaw F1 Heritage car driven by ex 156 Graham Blundell
  3. It says no BBQ's in the pits, which is a health and Safety issue with fuelling taking place, goes along with no smoking in the pits. But not seen that policed in the pits either.
  4. Yes George is a member of the O'Beirne team and will be racing Gareth's 412 car. He has raced at the gala meeting at Birmingham a few years ago now.
  5. My dad and I will be there to pay our respects to such a lovely gentleman.
  6. Chris24

    Orange Bumpers

    Ken, the orange bumpers are a tribute to Andrew Battye who lost his four year fight against cancer this week. He was a part of the Dan Johnson team plus he also used to have an orange ST Focus, hence the colour orange. Julian , why single out Tom Harris, from the photos I have seen there are other drivers who also haven't painted their bumpers too.
  7. I am looking forward to watching this from the comfort of my couch in the living room, rather than stood in the back of that rather dark van for over an hour waiting and hoping for Bryan to walk around the back of the van so that I could spring a surprise of a shaving foam pie in his face as it was his birthday today. Sadly he never walked into the right place for me to get him during the interview but I managed to get him before he left but obviously not on Facebook live. He took it in good humour though and gave me credit for the dedication of standing still in the van for over an hour.
  8. Neil Randon, author of the excellent Shock and Roar book has set up a photo contest for the best BriSCA F1 Photo of the year. Not just action or crash pictures, but pictures that convey the emotion or passion of the sport, or capture the sport at its best or tell a story. Full details can be found on the following link https://factoruk.com/blog/ By voting you have a chance to win a copy of both "Shock and Roar" and "The Sound and the Fury" books. Voting is open for another 34 or so hours and only takes a short e mail with your choice of 5 favourite photos from the 50 photos submitted. Please take the time to vote as the photographer's involved really appreciate this award having been set up by Neil and Factor UK. Thanks
  9. Chris24


    OzzyToday, 01:45 PM Big pile up first bend , 390 or 445 to win , 217 as an outside bet , Frank 3rd in possibly the ugliest car to ever finish 3rd in a WF ! CHUGGA Ozzy, I challenge that remark. Dave Mellor finished 3rd in the 1984 World Final. I rest my case.
  10. Sorry I should have used the quote button last night but didn't. Another person mentioned people abusing it by bringing in large arm chairs when he just brings in a fold up tripod in his bag. I have a chair that I am happy with that will take my weight but it is an arm chair type. It won't be going in at Skegness as I have a seat booked in the grandstand.
  11. People that abuse the system with oversized chairs (armchairs) I have yet to find a fold up tripod seat that would support my 20 stone weight for more than 10 minutes.
  12. 464 qualified from regularly racing at Venray during the season.
  13. 217 has gone straight to Venray ready for tomorrow, so not at Ipswich.
  14. It was a great pleasure to follow in my dads footsteps and also interview Jamie for SCM as my dad had interviewed him many years ago too. I met Jamie several times on his last trip to the UK in 2016 and he was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Very passionate about racing and Berkley cars. Race In Peace Jamie. Chris, David & Marguerite Clark
  15. It is with deep sadness I have to report the passing of American racer Jamie Pfeifer USA99 following a three month battle with cancer. Jamie had been visiting the UK for the past forty years following his two World Final appearances in 1978 & 1980, plus the Super Rod World Final at Hednesford. He fell in love with BriSCA F1 racing, and four decades on has British many friends and followers. He is best remembered for the famous fire at Bradford on his first visit, and more recently for the huge barrel roll incident at Coventry in 2016 while driving the Charlie Finnikin Heritage car. However away from this, Jamie was actually a very accomplished racer in his home state of California where he won many track championships, and more recently in Missouri where he had taken up vintage oval racing in a classic Chevy Modified. He was also a talented circuit racer and a regular winner in his beloved vintage Berkley B95 at many high class venues like Monterey or Laguna Seca. Our thoughts are with Jamies extended family & friends in the USA and also to his many friends here in the UK. RIP Jamie a great pal who will never be forgotton. Thank you to the drivers who recently placed USA 99 stickers on your cars. Dave & Dot Ashworth / George & Susan Rimmer: Jamie with Graham Blundell at Ormskirk Motorfest in 2016.
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