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  1. I thought for f1s OAP was £10 last year it's gone up £6!
  2. Chris Falk


    34 f1 for Sheffield can't wait just a shame Smithys not there
  3. Option 3 mate all the way
  4. Happy birthday Paul Harrison 2 and a final win 2 DotD 2 rating 9
  5. Chris Falk

    Belle Vue

    The season begins can't wait to hear that roaring noise again of an f1 good luck to all drivers an excellent turn out 26 booked in😃😃
  6. See u next year Nige trying to save up and have a go my self respect to u and all the drivers out there u put there selves on the line every week I need to have a go pronto lol
  7. Hi anyone based in North yorkshire near Selby going on Saturday night who I can get a lift with will share petrol cheers
  8. Chris Falk

    Belle vue

    Any news on a list yet people😀
  9. Does anyone no where block 2 is in the grandstand is it nearest to the pit bend or has anyone got a link to the seating plan cheers😃
  10. Well done mate it's been coming now to add the world at Cov
  11. Penalising spectators who are already on there way bk to camp caravan hotel etc then to find out on the Sunday that the toilets have been trashed so that's not going to happen this time? Nothing's changed people are still drinking in pits area and camping area it only takes a couple of idiots to trash the toilets yet again but it's the spectator that gets penalised for bringing there own food and drink in in my opinion if your banning alcohol and food then you have to ban it in the camping and pit area as well I love all f1 stock car racing and have been a fan for 40 yrs and love the weekends away Scotland last week was brilliant and they allowed food and drink in anyway enough said see you there
  12. Just a quick rant would like to no how Skegness are going to keep all us fans from been thirsty with only one little bar and possibly another one everyone surely will be getting a bit miffed with queuing constantly
  13. Can I order a xl large and 2 medium please pick up at cowdie
  14. Going to be a awesome wkend can't wait 😃
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