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  1. Over the last few years myself and Hazel have worked on our relationship with the local council etc and if fact I sit round the table with a number of councillors on various tourism related items and Skegness Stadium does have a lot of input into promoting Skegness and the coast on a national level. Paul Brown Skegness has been fantastic at promoting the venue .... posters everywhere..... cars driving round town with boards on it ..... displays outside the shopping centre .... certainly can't knock them for it to be honest
  2. Not been since Andy smith called it a day at belle vue Glad I went n dunno why but I prefer the shootout at belle vue rather than Sheffield ....dunno if it's down to the track or racing under lights lol R/R: 9 Dotd: 37
  3. Absolutely loved it well worth the trip up to Skegness n the 3am home time due to driving back n so tired I had to stop a few times to rest DOTD: 2 R/R: 9 Not a 10 but definitely up there as a top meeting this year
  4. I enjoyed the racing n the racing got better as the night went on ..... Could of done with more entertainment...pre meeting stuff etc .....tractor World final was good lol R/R: 8 Would like to say frankie as driver of the day but for me DOTD: 22 Drove a great race in the world final n did well to get a really good finish ....well done will pleased for you
  5. Really enjoyed Friday night .....support weren't great should of stayed as national minis but I love the Dutch drivers racing over here n the 2 New Zealand guys Even helped H104 repaired his goggles before the final ....few laps later he went out (hope it weren't goggle related ) DOTD: H217 R/R: 9
  6. Looked super fast out there n that rollover in the GN was lucky not to be collected .... Plenty of battles throughout the grid but like everyone had said 'Dust' ...... They need to try n keep it a bit more under control as during the final it was very bad but I'm sure the Coventry team will sort it for next month. R/R 7 DOTD: 326
  7. Just a bit too dusty but still good racing DOTD: 463 R/R: 8
  8. I'm happy that u r back out there racing again roger ....glad u have got points to be in the semi finals ....pleased for you
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