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  1. Hi Jeff - thanks for the quick reply - but cant find it anywhere - can you tell me whereabouts pls or send it to me if you could at sfarndon@gmail.com Many many thanks
  2. Hope you can help me - a few months ago I found a photo of all the drivers that took part in the 1960 world final at Brandon. A sort of drivers line up - Cant find it anywhere now - any ideas please ? Thanks
  3. Hi All. Yes I have just left F1 (OSA) - stupid name anyway. Just getting zillions of emails from some very sad people - with nothing to do with Brisca F1
  4. Doug Harvey (149) - had one of the fastest engines ever in the late 50's and 60's He was at RAF base Chelveston and all the star drivers at the time tried to buy it off him - but he took it back to the states with him.
  5. Would like to know if there is a F1 fan club I know there is this forum but would a website be a good idea ? What could we put on it ? Obviously fixtures, travelling details (with nearby hotels) Links to all the individual drivers fan clubs Perhaps we could have a say in the running of F1 - get a fan club member on the board !!!! Just an idea
  6. Hi all. Mentioned this before - but perhaps didnt explain it well. How about a seasonal league of track versus track - say just one or two races per meeting where each driver represents his local (or not so local if u live out in the sticks) track. Speedway do it ! For instance you could have NIR (Brafield for us old 'uns) against Coventry (again I call it Brandon) - then a return leg next month and at the end of the year see which track come out on top. Of course the main stumbling block is which track would have the Wainmans, Smiths and Hines etc But you could limit it to a cretain number of stars, blues etc in each team.
  7. Thats brill - thanks very much !
  8. Hi all. This summer I am thinking of going further afield to watch my beloved F1's Has anyone been to Holland - if so:- What is the easiest and/or best track and how long a drive is it ? Thanks in advance
  9. H - I am very interested in any pre 2010 DVDs for Coventry, NIR, Long Eaton and Belle Vue (F1) Also want 1959, 1960 and 1961 - anything Thanks muchly
  10. In addition to bannning them 'monstrosities' (not gonnna call em aerofoils - if we stopped everyone using them - all in the same boat etc etc. I would have regulation size numbers on each side and the back (just like karting has - if karting has got it right then........) What about different colour numbers for different grades as well. Ok - here is a very off the wall suggestion. How about inter track meetings and the winning team gets a trophy or something - we could have a league (just like in football) For instance - we could have Coventry V NIR and Kings Lynn V Brum (home and away of course) - then the winners race each othe at a neutral track. Of course who drives for what track might be a tad of a problem but.... SO NO AEROFOILS THEN for 2012......
  11. Hi All. Imagine you are in charge of F1 and could make any changes you think fit - what would it be ? Me - the number one thing I suppose would be 1) Get rid of stupid monstroties on the roof - those aerofoil wings - they just make the cars look all out of proportion ! Well there a start - I'll be back. Saying all that - looking forward to new season !
  12. Hi All, has anyone got any programmes/magazines/pictures from 1959/60 or 61 please Good prices paid. Thanks
  13. Programmes & magazines and photos wanted from 1959/60/61 wanted - good prices paid. Top prices paid for Tamworth programmes.
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