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  1. Looks like I'm first home then Ok my views on the meeting. R/R 8 D.O.D 4 Some football matches would of been cancelled, horse racing would of cancelled,Speedway would of been cancelled? But narh not stock cars..... Although I'm no longer a die hard fan I aprieciate getting to any meetings these days I would think driver of the day should be to all drivers for making the effort in such conditions, but I went for Dan Johnson because he was there in every race.It was also difficult to pick out anybody to be honest due to the conditions but believe me the bumper was going in? some fantastic little battles which made the meeting as it could of been roundy roundy, it was practically a case of watching everything if possible. So hence my score........well done fella's ,am Happy
  2. Got to agree with that.....apart from DOD mine is 221
  3. Well as you might know it was my 1st meeting of the year. And I (IF YOU CAN'T EXPRESS YOUR VIEWS WITHOUT SWEARING ) flippin loved it. Oh that noise Oh that smell Oh what a meeting Please sir can I have some more.........................Very soon please R/R= 9 DOD= urm either 53 or 335 I'll go with King John 53 please
  4. I had a complete set of the 90's top trumps sold them on for £?? off my for sale page, if you can get a full set mate they should be worth a bit to be honest
  5. Steve, Will I be ok to hand out freebies...with regards to road safety (Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service)
  6. Can't wait My first meeting this year
  7. Actual Newsagents Bill Board Poster For Daily Mirror Grand Prix Advert...(Very Rare)..x Con....(framed)...added back to list Anybody interested in anything I will be at stoke 11th August
  8. Jamie163

    Car share thread

    Thats right mate.......I mean it only takes one person to say I live only such and such anyone fancy a lift to said meeting(s)...it takes till you get to a meeting to find people you know there who only live within a few miles so you think Oh why didn't we sort something out or sort something out for next time. It may bring a few doorment fans back out, as there all thinking the same....... costs so its a win win situation.
  9. Jamie163

    Car share thread

    Not been to a meeting this year due to costs and working, but the meeting that are on when I am off are always the likes of Northampton, Kings Lynn etc etc, trying not to repeat myself but it gets boring traveling that far on my own to be honest, and also bit of a struggle as nobody goes from chester (well away from the motorway network which doesn't help) so petrol costs are daft.
  10. Jamie163


    Still got a copy of sound and fury plus other stuff on my for sale page (hint?
  11. Jamie163

    Driver Fitness

    Know that feeling after driving wildcat lol
  12. Jamie163

    Lintern Cars

    The Rich matterson car (#103) is the car he bought off Frankie Wainman Jnr after my brother Dave McMahon (#163) part ex'd it for a new FWJ car in about 2006-07 maybe 08 even my god where does the time go. we bought it off Lenny Smith (#185) not sure if it was the car that went over the infield banking to be honest with you...could of been?. Theres more to the reasons why Jayne Beans car ended up on the garage roof at A J Bakers (it was nothing to do with his lad by the way)
  13. Programme................Frankie Wainman Testimonial.........As New (x2)...provisionally sold
  14. DVD....................................Odsal Stadium........(Four Disc’s) Aug/Oct 1992...May/July 1993 (RESERVED!!!!) Actual Newsagents Bill Board Poster For Daily Mirror Grand Prix Advert...(Very Rare)..x Con....(framed)...provisional sold
  15. Jamie163

    NIR KO

    Hi Nige, Can I add or not 1st hand experience at getting knocked out more than a few times. After 26 years of Amateur Boxing I know all to well about bumps to the head including countless rounds of sparring plus competition, As highlighted by think it was craig we only get one head and trying to be brave is not going to protect your squash from further injury so take heed to the advice and get yourself checked out mate. Its not about how you feel now or in six weeks time its about the injury in the future, I know your thinking well I only got knocked out but that bruising / swelling can have a long term effect as the bruised area becomes weaker and suspect to further injury which in turn can lead to tiny bleeds (Well so I was told anyway........maybe it was to scare me out of fighting again?). Oh and incase anyones asks yeah I had a very successful boxing career..........Once I knew not to stick my chin out lol
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