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  1. get off your backsides support the stadiums or there might not be sport to moan about, 4 - 8 meetings some why don't we stadiums, think about it make me laugh u lot
  2. that statement makes no difference to anything
  3. greater profit goes,of course,to the man who makes a better mousetrap than his neighbour ,
  4. Garry S

    Coventry stadium

    calvin that's your choice to do other things as stox fan myself I couldn't do that got try support the sport am much as we can ,so your taking mathematically moving it forward in time 12 car meetings is like hey if you can do that do it for apple stock and be a billionaire .if you cant do that for apple stock is pretty simple compared to how you could take things and move them forward .
  5. . I know someone does good food at burger bar but no racing if your interested,
  6. Garry S

    Coventry stadium

    ,new lease starts jan nothing can happen till then right ,the fittings will be put back under new owners , does explain everything few posts back,
  7. think one fwj cars dronsfeild red silver one had shocker at the rear in the cab in 90s
  8. cov late finishes can be down to drivers safety hurt or fence probs. its is a contact sport. f1 s mini stox. .lynn started 5 30 finished 10 30 .f1 saloons mini stox, driver got hurt not coz they had to many supports .Jeremy cant predict whats gonna happen nor can lynn . my opion .kinpin
  9. Garry S

    Chit Chat for KL

    511 no he son off pete hall .ex f1 f2, only done about 3 or 4 meetings that ,was about 3 years ago ,cert can drive ,Jamies new seat lol.car not sure looks like ex lund,
  10. ,i read it wrong,515 most leading driver of world finals I ment has been taken out or back marker or engine pack up while leading,
  11. Garry S

    Pricing for kids

    how many of u not go sunday masters coz price,will have made other arrangements ,take wife out kids,to zoo or bowling cinema ,sunday lunch ,spend more than being at masters,,lol
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