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  1. Firstly, well done to Matt Watson for continuing to invest in Hi Edge, crowd loked really small early on but happy to see it busied up bit as got nearer start time. For me, this is the second Buxton meeting that failed to deliver. The double points meeting earlier in the year was very tame and yesterdays was more-so. I get that the semi's are all about qualifying but that doesn't provide entertainment or value in MY OPINION. Hednesford left me looking forward to my next F1 fix, yesteday reversed this and it will be the WF before I go again. DOTD #70 for coming back from Spain and leaving his young family to take his place, well deserving of his 10th place qualification as a result. RR NULL, cos I didn't witness any.
  2. Well organised, decent if not action packed racing, good catch up etc. Rob and the team continue to make improvements at the venue, a strip (at least) of tarmac down the centre of the pit's wouldn't go amiss on dusty evenings mind! RR: 7 DOT: 126 for the "nutmeg" move on Frank alone.
  3. Had the cars of Ashley England and Aaron Leach through our doors for paint, Ashleys after a major overhaul and Aarons after a refresh.
  4. Mike Ashcroft


    When they sort themselves out I'll re-enstate my subscription. Got fesd up with the early this year and walked, pity as I'd like to support them but I'll just carry on finding alt methods (there's loads to go at) until they get their act together.
  5. RR 8 DOTD 501 who I thought drove great all day Good meeting, took a returning fan for the second time who thoroughly enjoyed it and wants more, hopefully his enthusiasm for the job overall will rub off on me? V8's were really good I thought, mini's EPIC as ever! Well run meeting, plenty of potential hold ups which would have challenged other promotions but Buxton continue, in by view, to be the slickest aound, well done all. Like Duncana, not going to comment of the 84/217 as this ain't the place but disagree that it should't be discussed on open forums elsewhere. Everyone has, and is entitled to an opinion, most are not relivant and of no consequence (inc mine) but we're still entitled to express them.
  6. All I know is, reasons unknown. Possibly a Dean hissy fit-seems to have form? Possibly a personal issue? The NFR stock cars were used at a non BriSCA track recently, perhaps that's the issue but can't understand why as most promoters and BriSCA seem to have made it clear in the past that they see little value in them so I'd say it's fair play that NFR put them to use elsewhere? Personally and although not perfect, I KNOW both Neil and Kay have done favours in the past for most promotions, covered many miles for little gain, helped drivers endlessly (including me) and worked hard in the name of the sport to supply gear, parts, advice and gain us recognition. To be allowed to turn up at a track at which they attend regularly (yeah I know not always) and then shown the door is pretty typical of, not only this promoter, but the way the sport is generally heading. Yes, that is correct, thanks.
  7. Additional contact: Kays' mobile 07751541029. I think there will be stock at Kings Lynn and orders (I guess) can be collected from there....just get in touch with NFR
  8. Post on behalf of Neil & Kay Fitton. Due to being refused entry by the promotor today for reasons unknown into the World Masters meeting we were unable to offer world final shirts for sale. We have had several enquires during the week asking if we would be at NIR and at the time we fully intended being there to fulfill customer orders. Due to this we are offering FREE P&P on any t-shirt orders placed. Most colours and sizes still available, priced at £25 inc postage. We can be contacted via: https://www.facebook.com/nfrracewear/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdwDVaBtznmHQdyb2zvOv0H1sSQ-pwXJFKonI6yWGxS8Rg%3AAdwhngS_73kvIQ6UAz-uJxGhzZgpi2yRloctcCNT1xmXwA http://www.nfr-racewear.co.uk/ Email info@nfr-racewear.co.uk Phone 0161 723 4012 Again, we would like to apologise for any inconvienience caused but the issue was completely out of our control.
  9. Poor meeting but nobodys fault, just weather conspired against us. Nothing really to comment on, congratulations to Lee Fairhurst and the rest of the qualifiers. RR 4 DOTD #37 for a determined drive to get to the pointy end of the WF. Mentions to 242, 207 and 2 who all had a good night.
  10. In nearly 40 years of watching stox I have to admit to never having visited Arena, perhaps that tells a tale? I have to admit that the under current of news doesn't bode well for the future of oval racing but with the obvious investment being made by Spedeworth/Incarace and Skegness, continuing improvements at Lynn and the determination being shown by Startrax we still have a fair amount of hope I think. The sport may need to change along the way including the fans but all is not lost. As a devout tar fan of recent years I agree 100% that NIR needed to go shale and will support it, I also decided to attend more shale this this year (done 2 BV's and NIR so far) and have enjoyed them all (appart from Sunday when I bailed out-pun intended).
  11. We were stood right on that bend and although the image is accurate I can confirm, as Kev says, it was only when a car ran high-really high! For the most part the viewing was fine. If the track had been wet then the result of a car running wide open so high would have been huge clumps of shale in yer beer!
  12. First venture out to a shale meeting this year, 5 of us in out little group including one who hadn't been to a meeting in 20+ years. Superb meeting throughout, dust controlled for the most part all afternoon, understandable delay with the fence going down but didn't really detract from the racing at all. Heat 1 got the meeting off to a great start, rest of the heats all pretty good too. Thought #16 had done enough to take it but never saw the lunge from #390 coming to take the win. Pretty sure that if #16 had won the race he'd have been docked anyway due to a jump start, fortunately Stuart relived the powers that be of having to call that one! RR 10-issues were so minor given the circumstances and weather i just can't really fault it DOTD #390
  13. As I've said elsewhere, the tarmac needed serious attention anyway and the Euro's needed a big re-think generally. I've been a fan of Brafield, the Euros and tarmac racing generally for many a year but can appreciate what Dean is trying to do here. With that in mind I'll be ordering our 4 two day tickets over the weekend, best of luck to all concerned.
  14. RR-8, yeah went on a bit but it was a pleasure to be there. DOTD #219 Miss Ellis, couldn't be happier for her and her family Would normally have given DOTD to Paul Harrison, fast in the heats and really found the sweet spot in the final but I'm sure he'l forgive me. Great to see Adam #43 out and doing well too
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