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  1. I think Ian Higgins mentioned in his BSCDA Lockdown interview that he looked at it but couldn’t make it financially viable.; shame as, I agree with you, it’s a decent well-appointed venue.
  2. Brilliant interview. These are exactly what have been needed to keep the sport in our focus during these periods. For years I’ve been thinking a “my Stox life” style VLOG/podcast of present and past Stox people would work and this is more evidence I think. Imagine getting Bert, Willie, Elwell etc to chat like this one!!!
  3. How about a short bespoke series championship for, wait for it, the Rainbow stripes! Worn on a car in 2021 to honour the NHS, key workers and lives lost to CVd. A hopefully never to be repeated champ series open to sponsorship and crowd funding along the lines of the SO, with a round or 2 at each track depending on dates. Half the amount raised to NGS charities. Final day with winner getting the stripe maybe even one rainbow per grade? Could even get crowd/fan/business who donate to the fund to have their name/ logo on the stripe that is then displayed on an F1 for 21 only. Sort of like Brad 25 did on his first car roof. Convinced today, more than any other, we WILL get some racing this year so why not a series to raise money for the NHS charities and remember those who have kept many safe through personal sacrifice.
  4. Another fantastic interview, thanks
  5. Another interesting and well researched interview - thank you.
  6. Great interview. This, along with the one last week, are fantastic at capturing the thoughts of past and present drivers. They and e-racing, are keeping regular fans involved during this awful time and all eager for true racing to start when it is safe to do so. Well done all involved, in particular Jonathon who sounds like he has a busy enough job as it is! If fans could vote for who’s next then my choices would be: Willie, Paul and Brad Lundy Dan Johnson stay safe all.
  7. Ok, I’ll ask What time do gates Open? Can we take our own food/drink? Are chairs allowed? 😀
  8. Dave Crosby


    In my opinion those independent tracks running are as damaging to our sport as those drunken t3ts in Benidorm are to the average Brit! An absolutely stupid decision. Motorsport is, by its very nature, dangerous and should there be an incident that needs Emergency Service response then it will be all over the local and possibly National news at a time when resource is stretched. And don’t for one second think those that would report this would know the difference between BRISCA/ORCI sanctioned events and the likes of Barford.
  9. Got to agree with Betwetter1203, done correctly this could open up worldwide audiences. A subscription based product/channel akin to DirtVision would work I think, especially if you open it to more oval sport, chat, interviews etc. Bet there are a few Tom Harris fans in the US who wonder what his UK sport is. Its a risk and a financial outlay but “he who dares Rodney”......
  10. The revised early season fixture list for all formula at Spedeworth has a Saturday 25 April date at Buxton TBC. This is the night before Buxton’s own 26 April date. Early season speedweekend in the hills or Derbyshire anyone?
  11. I was there for the dogs on Friday. Track looked good even with the amount of rain there has been. Building work on turn 1 just about complete, didn’t look like any standing room there. Did not go to the pits as, in true Sheffield style, it was pudding it down. Don't know if it’s an omen but the No4 dog did a decent last bender on No1 in one of the races!!
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