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    South Derbyshire
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    I am Ftooz biased through and through but if I can't see the Tooz then I will watch the F1's
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    F2 Ben Fund Treasurer, Sister of F2 362
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    I have been following F1's since the 1970's when I used to go with my parents, I do still follow the F1's but only if they are racing with the F2's my main association now has to be with the F2's where my brother races under number 362. On the very rare occasion he has raced F1's under number 363.

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  1. F2 Fan

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    I guess not there is a meeting for F2 on 8 August
  2. F2 Fan

    6,000 drivers

    Does this mean you have stated on book 2
  3. The is Nigel Green and his mechanic/friend Ben Goddard of Maxim Signs
  4. More photos released soon is what I have seen on Facebook
  5. There was a bscda promotional stand in the pit area of the live action arena then there were two stands in the oval hall one for ORCI formulas and the other for Brisca formulas. We had 2 f1's, 2 f2's 2 national minis 2 v8's and a Brisca Micro
  6. Apart from the cars in the arena the only f1's on display were the FWJ shale car and the tom Harris car.
  7. This link gives further details on the watchitraceit stand http://www.spedeworth.co.uk/incarace/bookedin.php?id=1108
  8. We did the exact same thing in Northern Ireland for the F2 Ben Fund it was in huge demand
  9. Loads in the uk who didn't go did watch it live they posted all over Facebook one person even telling others how to do it
  10. F2 Fan

    New ORC ruling

    No they can't they have to stay strapped in and helmet on.
  11. F2 Fan

    Autosport show

    There is an extensive list on this link http://www.spedeworth.co.uk/incarace/bookedin.php?id=955
  12. On the sew n sew page on Facebook Luke has put the following Good evening, as I am aware there a few people with issues ATM, if you are one if these people, please message me on here, and before any new work is done or undertaken in the new year all these issues will be resolved, we pride ourselves on quality which as many people say is second to none. We are slower than some companies and do have some issues, but these are being resolved and lead times changed on new orders accordingly, many thanks
  13. F2 Fan

    any ideas ?

    Oval banger chat
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