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    fan since 92 but see wigan warriors more
  1. Didn’t look to be much social distancing in the crowd judging by the video I saw
  2. I asked that in 2016 and got told that he didn’t race in 14 of the years, think the answer was 212
  3. any chance of a couple of preview pages, maybe showing one of the result pages from 1990s please
  4. found some pics from jan 2020, can't see racing ever taking place here again https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/coventry-stadium-07-01-2020.121438/
  5. my 1st world final was in 1992, i thought it was a great race won by lundy but reading reports later people said it was a very boring race including bobby burns who came 2nd
  6. dave4jackie


    Saw a post advertising season ticket for Startrax and it includes Scotland, does someone know what date the Scotland weekend is please
  7. Read that jnr wainman after winning his heat last night said he was going to be cutting back his racing, not a fan of him but I think he will find it hard doing that as cut him and he will bleed stock cars, he has been a great ambassador for the sport, but then again if he only misses 5 meeting thats cutting back I suppose
  8. Its one day short of a year since 515 won a final, which happened to be at stoke not a fan but I think he will do it again tonight to break his duck for the season
  9. 1½ out of 3. Ah come on, '0' cant be classed as an actual number.... can it?! it can other wise andy smith would have been number 39 LOL
  10. has a white top ever been in a world final before or will 137 be the 1st one
  11. who out of the last chance qualifier for world final are not going to be racing if any
  12. when did mark gray have a sex change as according to the roll of honour on the trackstar website 224 mary gray won the steve froggat memorial race in 2016 LOL
  13. does seem strange as if he wants all tom has to do is turn right at the start and 515 could be stuffed
  14. can't see him winning toss and picking outside, if he's got outside i guess he loss the toss
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