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  1. My first visit to Foxhall Stadium since the 2008 World Final.. Thoroughly enjoyed the venue and occasion.. Solid 9 for me.. Always find it hard to see how someone who only races once, can realalistcly be considered for DotD, but.. 445 did what he set out to do, and needed to do.. World Champion in a very short F1 career.. Job done.. H699 was entertaining, although I'm not so sure Nigel Green would have agreed.. 11 winning two Consolations in one night.. 197 coming good towards the end of the race, but had started a little too far back at the big oval.. Nice gesture from 390 pushing 4 round for a victory lap.. I'll go for H699.. Hitting just about anyone he could, and coming over from the Dutch fields to have a bash on the huge English oval.. RR.. 9/10 Dots.. H699
  2. Er.... excuse me. I haven't been on his back at all. I was however, getting irritated at his constant comments about his awesome car and it's planned debut whilst at the same time, refusing to let anyone see it. To me, that kind of 'look at me' behaviour' is fairly childish and as someone who has little or no time for people who indulge in such practices, I eventually responded as I would to anyone who constantly behaved like that on any forum. From memory, my comments haven't been abusive or personal more along the lines of 'this must be the longest/boring build in the history of the sport' and my most recent was MY opinion on the look of the car and the colour scheme when we finally got to see it. If that offends, then it can only do so because you, as an individual, deem it such. I note you haven't deleted replies that agree with me which is rather petty. Still, we live and learn. Carry on. If you find the thread so long and boring, why bother reading and commenting on it.? Surely you can read the title of the thread and think to yourself, 'I don't want to read anymore in that thread' and stay away.? It seems to me you like to needle.. There are clearly many others that have enjoyed the thread.. I've read various parts of the thread, not all of it.. Not that BT should have to explain to you or anyone else, but circumstances do and clearly have for BT..
  3. DotD 390.. Some of the usual suspects going well as to be expected, 4 16 318 515 and 150.. 422 raced to win the Consolation.. 326 raced well all night, showing some decent form.. 390 gets my vote though.. When man and machine are hooked up and on a mission, Smithy is up there as one to beat.. RR 5/10.. Way too dusty as already mentioned, and UK Modified's.. Sorry, but I'm there to see Stock Car racing, which by there nature involves contact racing.. UK Modifieds don't, and don't tick the box for me at all. They are boring, and would be more suited to mix with Hot Rods or Sprint Cars, not Stock Cars.. Mini's provided good entertainment as usual.. Shame that it was the last outing for them though.. Dust control needs some thinking with the World Final only weeks away.. I'd like to think that we are actually going to be able to see the main event rather than a dust storm.. DotD.. 390.. R/R.. 5/10..
  4. The car was taken back to Hunter's place on the back of Peter Falding's flat bed truck.. Obviously too much damage to mess about trying to get it into their coach.. That was the only involvement of Peter Falding, the team repaired the car themselves.. Top effort from the team..
  5. RR 6/10 from me.. Racing livelier than Saturdays offering, but only by a bit.. No real highlights or talking points, this weekend is loosing its appeal, and really needs a freshen up.. DotD 78.. 4 did what he needed to do to win the European, having stayed out of trouble and keeping his nose clean.. 48 went well, as the night before.. 224, again in that car from the front was pretty much a given to bag at least one win during the afternoon.. But I'm going for 78, pulling a deserved win out of the bag in a Newson hire car.. RR 6/10.. DotD 78..
  6. RR 3/10 from me I'm afraid.. Definitely the most boring meeting I've been to this year.. Even began to question myself why I was bothering to film the racing.. I was struggling where to point my camera most of the time.. Can't really call it the 'European Championship' with only one Dutch entrant.. The weekend seems to have lost its pizzazz. IMO, it needs to change venue, and definitely give shale a go.. Could possibly attract more of the Dutch field racers over to boost numbers.. Anyway, it is what it is, and as Brisca are stuck in the dark ages, that's exactly where it'll stay.. DotD.. 48.. As mentioned above, 515 notching up another Final win, nice to see, and much of the crowd showing appreciation on the victory lap.. 555 for keeping 318 and 16 and bay.. 388 for retaining the Trust Fund.. 224 went well all weekend, but with that car coupled with driver experience, it was more or less a given that race wins would come off the front.. 48 gets my vote.. Still early days in F1 and was pretty quick all weekend.. RR 3/10.. DotD 48..
  7. It seems they can Stuart.. They've reported me to YouTube for copyright infringement, and as such, YouTube have removed my video..
  8. As a shift worker, my shift pattern determines what time I have.. There I are times when i've been at work on a Saturday, got home from a meeting around 12:30, only to be up again at 5:30 to do a 12hr shift.. Its not always easy to make time, hence I do them as and when I can.. I only managed to post Nigel's heat win from the September meeting due to time.. And as time went on, my interest wore off.. So to answer Ian G's question, the answer would be no i'm afraid.. I have no desire to post anymore videos at the moment tbh.. As its something I have been doing for 10yrs or more, maybe now is the time to give it up and leave it to the professionals eh..? I'm sure they'll be around for as long as I have and some.. Long Eaton Revival gave up after the last Videogate saga, and think his interest in the sport went the same way.. Right now thats the way I feel.. So, thats another family not likely to attend anymore, and as I don't subscribe to Premier Sports either, thats nothing at all going into Brisca in any way shape or form from me.. I have recieved a a copyright infringement notice from YouTube because Premier Sports reported my video.. Had to attend naughty school and carry out a test.. Find it a little bit odd that theres a copyright infringement on my own material.. And the real sickener in all of this, was last year being asked to supply some footage of the 197 incident at the European meeting because their cameramen missed it.. I wonder how anyone would have known i had caught the incident had it not been posted on YouTube..?
  9. Sorry, no can do.. Thank Premier Sports and AMGTV..
  10. John had led the race for 4 laps, was passed by 237 on the back straight and immediately fought back to try and regain his position. Admittedly it didn't go exactly to plan but isn't this what we want to see ? All credit to a young inexperienced white top in driving like a true stock car driver and fighting for his position. Despite his slight mishap he was still holding second place a lap later when Ives spat his dummy out and followed him in from a lap down having blatantly waited for him to come round again. How do you get 134 as the bad guy out of that ? You don't.. Only one bad guy in that.. Thats exactly how I saw it it, despite someone trying to tell me John was a lap down when he took Ives to the fence.. Fair play to John for having a go in a lesser car, and in the relatively early stages of his racing career.. The track conditions weren't exactly the best, and if it had been better, i'm sure John wouldn't have gone in with Ives.. DoTD 94.. RR.. Would have gone for a 7, but going for a 5.. No tannoy on turn 3-4.. My first visit for a couple of years now, and there was some there and working when I last went.. But the real gripe for me was switching the Bangers last race and the F1 G.N. for no real reason, meaning I had to endure another race of total and utter tripe, and the lengthy delay before the race started.. I could have been on my way home a good half an hour earlier if they had run the F1 G.N. as planned, and the Bangers last.. Th only reason I can think of for the switch, is most of the crowd would have left after the F1 G.N., meaning the Bangers would have been racing to a near empty stadium.. And we wouldn't want that would we..? DotD 94.. RR 5/10..
  11. Probably find Bernard meant the European..
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