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  1. Jay V8-331

    Sore ribs.

    Didn't Jakes car start life with Chris Bonner before Ivan? Well done on Sunday both
  2. Hi Nige, the tyre appeared to fail on entering the bend just in front of where we were stood causing you to spin.
  3. Gypsy sprinter for me too
  4. Surprised Mr Whitworth hasn't been mentioned yet as a few titles have been won by his engines too
  5. RIP Bobby, one that I always used to look out for. Thoughts with his family & friends at this sad time.
  6. Yep, didn't it get written off at Belle Vue around 3 years ago? I spoke to him just before that and a new one was already being planned if not built so hope he's managed it
  7. Jay V8-331

    Grimley Raceway

    Sad news, raced there quite a few times some years ago and is the track where I got my first win so kinda special memories. Hopefully they find a way through to continue.
  8. Jay V8-331

    Marina Heller RIP

    My thoughts are with Marinas friends and family as they were throughout the night after walking by and seeing the emergency services doing all they could. Really does make you realise just how precious life is. Thoughts with the driver too. Team Beaumont 331 & 999
  9. Sorry to hear about your injury Nige, get well soon
  10. Jay V8-331

    Mini stox test

    Following on from Ian's post, get in the Stoxkarts mate rather than the minis!! My nephew raced one for the 1st time on Saturday night at Buxton and absolutely loved it and can't wait to do Birmingham in a couple of weeks. There is an added benefit too....you an get straight in and race with the seniors afterwards and I have to say, it's the most fun I've had racing for years!!! Give it a go, Ian can sort a hire kart and i'd be amazed if you looked back!
  11. It's 398 Mark Tittcombe, last time I spoke to him he was planning on being out again
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