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  1. Grand National carried on where the final left off. 217 getting revenge on 318 putting him away into the stranded Matt Newson
  2. Cracking final top four (217,318,16,390) trading big blows for a few laps until 318 took 217 out of the lead along with him self
  3. Like I stated on a previous page, I have cancelled my Premier subscription due to the pettiness of all this and the fact that they show less meetings than before and showing of other formulas. I have never not gone to a meeting because I can watch it on Premier. I have never not gone to a meeting because I can watch it on YouTube. I have never not gone to a meeting because I can get the results from stoxnet. I go to all the meetings I can work permitting, I would attend almost all of them if it wasn't for my job. The racing doesn't come across very well on tv, they tend to miss some of the best bits, where someone might have captured it on their YouTube vid. Earlier this year I showed a mate of mine the stockcars on premier sports and he wasn't too impressed. I then dragged him along to the British open in May at skeggy and now he can't get enough of it. He and his family are down this weekend from Scotland for skeggy and possible Buxton. Should have left it as it was, YouTube/stoxnet isn't affecting anybody's decision to subscribe to Premier.
  4. That's it for me, just cancelled my Premier Sports subscription. I watch all the Brisca that they put out on Premier Sports and I also like to watch what the fans put on youtube to see it from different views which to bo honest usually come across better than the tv airing.
  5. Didn't realise you worked at Bramall Lane Ozzy
  6. The rules state that after the chequered flag you are still under race conditions until the red flag. That's because there's drivers behind or even a lap down who are still racing for places as in the Dutch mans case.
  7. Iain Hatt

    Kings Lynn

    Jackpot, thanks for the info
  8. Iain Hatt

    Kings Lynn

    Is there any camping at Kings Lynn this weekend does anyone know
  9. I can put you all out of your miseries and tell you that it's Steve Hattersley, team 69.
  10. Well done Craig, fantastic end to a great season. Well deserved, kept his cool while the other boys battled it out over the last few weeks. Can't believe Frankie let Dan drop In behind him at the end of the rolling lap, you just knew where Frank was going to end up from the off. Brilliant entertainment for us fans, roll on 2012.
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