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  1. barryjw53

    Coventry Stadium

    Has our nige got any room on his golf course for a new stadium or would the rich golfers complain
  2. For Sale Stoxworld issues 138-363 missing are 29 issues all in reasonable condition.Stock Car Magazines 2004 March-Nov incWfEdition &Annual 2005 March-Nov inc Wf edition 2006 March-Nov inc Wf edition 2007 March-Nov missing. Apr June Sept and Wf 2008 March-Oct 2009 Jan only open to reasonable offers excluding postage
  3. barryjw53


    It's time people started to wake up the sport is in decline the tracks are going because there's more money to be made in property and buildings watch out Birmingham will be next to make way for the overspending HS2
  4. Just looked in 2006 world programmes,he races in race 3 heat 3 f1 Dutch as "B" Grade as Wayne van Hijam from Friesland that's all the info I could find
  5. Hi I am sorry I did not see your message.Yes I still have the programmes for sale if you are interested.If you still need any please contact me via barryjw53@yahoo.co.uk for your requirements.Barry
  6. Did they run F1's at new Brighton and Ellesmere Port
  7. I think you would have a job doing it I live not fat from it.The track is within the boundary of the racecourse which means crossing it and the spectating is away from the track also at one end there is a drop away
  8. For Sale March-Dec2004 (Inc Annual & Sept WF Edition) March-November 2005 Inc WF edition March-November 2006 Inc WF edition March -May 2007,Jly&August,October-Nov missing June&September March-Sept 2008 (no WF edition)October(November missing January 2009 All £1-50 each Contact me by pm for details. Barry
  9. For Sale Various programmes from 1995-2007 mostly Northampton,Coventry,Kings Lynn,Swaffham, Wimbledon,Birmingham,Hednesford,Sheffield,Belle Vue,Swindon,Stoke,Hartlepool and Scunthorpe and odd Dutch.Contact me by pm for any requirements.Barry
  10. I have large quantities of Stock Car programmes going back years and magazines For Sale am open to reasonable offers PM me for details
  11. Had great pleasure helping him as a mechanic with his friend Phil Briddon who also raced with him at odd weekends when I travelled from the south in the good days off the 70's. Also met him at his other passion at the Churnet Railway. RIP Roger will now miss you
  12. barryjw53

    Andy Webb

    Sad to hear off Andys passing will remember him from F2s thru to F1 RIPAndy
  13. I can remember the Driscolls having a jag engine and suspension from a V12
  14. Can remember going there when jags reined supreme
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