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    Rushden, Northants.
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    Andre Zang. Ex F1 #402. 1st meeting 1976
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    Started watching in 1976, wrote columns for Brafield/Long Eaton programmes in the early 90s, borrowed Craig Smith's (407) car at Odsal (31/10/92),(Dad) purchased Kev Smith's (64) drill everything Skegness Semi Final 1991 car, raced 1993/1994/1995, (tracks raced at Coventry, Kings Lynn, Stoke, Bradford, Brafield, Birmingham, Skegness, Hartlepool), back to watching until 2001. Came back May 2003, been back ever since, love it as much as ever.

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  1. Giant


    Sad news. Belle Vue is woven into the history of F1 stock car racing, and despite knowing this may always have been likely, it is still dreadful to see it confirmed. Another track gone. These really are desperate, desperate times.
  2. Giant

    Quiz Time

    Q4. Stuart Smith Snr
  3. Top work by Jonathan, Jordan and the entire BSCDA PR team during this period of inactivity trackside. Very much appreciated.
  4. Giant

    Quiz Time

    Q1. Wigan Wigan is topical at the moment, as Wigan Athletic beat Hull City 8-0 last night. Also, Nigel Whalley used to be sponsored by Wigan Indoor Karting! This post must hold the record for the amount of times Wigan has been mentioned in the shortest period of time! I've counted five times that Wigan has been mentioned. Six, if you include the last one!
  5. Brilliant. Can't wait to hear what Sir Rob has to say.
  6. Neil sums it up very well for me. The BSCDA promotional team have been brilliant during the lockdown period, keeping fans engaged by various means. The interviews have been a treat, and Stuart's anecdotes and delivery are very entertaining!
  7. Giant

    New venues

    Anything south of Watford Gap! :D
  8. Agree with the other comments. It's been great, and something to look forward to in these strange times in which we live. Can't thank the team behind all of this, enough. Window Boy and ECL have been awesome, not forgetting cameo appearances by Carson and Baz! I really think that the driver's nicknames will stick! And next time Finn Sargent is racing (for real), I'll probably be shouting "Go on George, drill him!" Unless he's behind his dad that is!! Absolutely loved it, and can't wait for the next installment, whenever that may be.
  9. Giant


    Always take an interest in the history of the sport and what helped shape where we are today. Carl, you mention controversies of the 1957 season. Were these specific to the organisation of the sport, or more related to disrepute/lack of discipline from drivers/individuals within the sport at the time? Aycliffe seemed to exist quite nicely as an independent track, but when it joined BriSCA, was a definite catalyst for the North East to burst into life, and along with Hartlepool's introduction to racing in 1975, saw the region produce a host of drivers and a large following which still exists to a degree now, but would love to see another track running F1 in the area. Darlington perhaps?
  10. Brilliant interview with a brilliant stock car driver. So many great memories of Kev in his heyday. Went to a Hartlepool WCQR in the early 90s, 24 cars all in, and Kev rifled most of them into the Museum Bend or Pit Bend wires! One night at LE, even prompted an "Oi, driver!" from Burnsy after hitting 471 hard! On an SCM video, Phil Smith (109) was being interviewed by either Rob Hughes or Paul Butler (or Frans van Soest!) and Kev came into shot clutching a programme, asking Phil for his autograph......which Phil actually signed, and Kev skipped off like an excited fan! Always looked after my Dad and I after my dad bought a car off him. Top man. Top driver. Top Family.
  11. Giant


    I'll sponsor one of the beams to keep the cars off the pitch!
  12. I loved that! Cracking interview (as always), and fair play to Ian for daring to stick Burnsy in the fence, not many had the guts to do that! Can't blame them really, can you?! Steve Houghton's quote is ace though!!
  13. It's back!! It's back!! Odsal is back!! What a track! It'll be great to see the 'mecca' again, and imagine Odsal stalwarts like Charles Pickering, Andy Maltas, Reg Hullah, Chris and Nigel Wilkinson, Steve Burgess, Rob Bradsell, George Braithwaite, Peter Morton, Graham France, Neil Brigg, Richard Mason, Kev Smith, Mal Brown along with Lundy, Falding, Burnsy, Bezz, Finn etc all flying round the Bradford bowl. Hoping a virtual Bammy/Allan Barker/George Silverwood are ready to shove a yellow flag up the nose of anyone who strays onto the rugby pitch!! Hope Nigel doesn't end up on the 'timber baulking' as Bev used to call it! See you at the real Odsal in 2021!!* *Reesy/RFL permitting
  14. Enjoying all of the interviews that Jonathan and Jordan are bringing us, and this was no exception. Liked his top three, particularly when he said his dad. Spoke very well about his own career and how he sees his racing. A stock car great from a great stock car family.
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