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    Rushden, Northants.
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    Andre Zang. Ex F1 #402. 1st meeting 1976
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    Started watching in 1976, wrote columns for Brafield/Long Eaton programmes in the early 90s, borrowed Craig Smith's (407) car at Odsal (31/10/92),(Dad) purchased Kev Smith's (64) drill everything Skegness Semi Final 1991 car, raced 1993/1994/1995, (tracks raced at Coventry, Kings Lynn, Stoke, Bradford, Brafield, Birmingham, Skegness, Hartlepool), back to watching until 2001. Came back May 2003, been back ever since, love it as much as ever.

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  1. Sad to hear, if he has retired. As Carlton points out, Richy Snr and Bobby Burns were two of the finest stock car drivers to grace the tracks, so when Richy jnr came in from bangers and the #18 rode again, I along with many long time fans wanted him to do well. Was cool to see the Ahern name back in BriSCA and the few KLs he did he got a few places. If he goes back into bangers, I'll look out for the black car with 99 The Cheat on the roof fin. Good luck to you, Richy.
  2. These have been a great addition to the winter close season, and beats Saturday night tv hands down.
  3. Good stuff as always. Looking forward to seeing Bobby racing this season, always good to watch.
  4. Top notch as always from the BSCDA TV team, the new mikes are great, sound quality is much better. Keep up the good work.
  5. Giant

    Sad news again

    Remember Mick from Skeggy/Boston days. Well respected official. Sad news. Thoughts with his family and friends at this time.
  6. Giant

    Programme boards

    In the early 90s, Rob Hughes painted a programme board for me featuring a star grade driver of the time who I always liked to see do well. The annoying thing is, I can't find it anywhere now. Probably in the loft at my parents house. Oh, the driver was/is based in West Yorkshire, kept a few cows I believe, and possibly posted the one above this!!! #87
  7. I wish I hadn't looked at those pictures
  8. Giant

    Furthest travelled?

    Not F1, but many moons ago I went to Newton Abbot to watch an F2 semi final. Graeme Kelly was racing, and his dad said it took them 16 hours to get there from North East Scotland!
  9. I'd add Dave Edwards and Bev Greenhalf to the Hall of Fame. The voices of my stock car racing life.
  10. Giant


    Go on then! Why would Startrax put something out about Bradford if there was absolutely nothing in it?
  11. Giant

    2020 Fixture List

    I'd like to agree with Mr Botham, adding that when you consider that Birmingham and Belle Vue were looking certain to not even be on the list for 2020, it's a fine effort that they are, and great news at that!
  12. Giant

    Birmingham track

    Brilliant news. Hoping for more positive news when the fixtures are announced. Well done to everyone who helped with saving Birmingham. Award yourselves a Gold Star.
  13. Cheers Carlton, the old grey matter playing tricks on me again Some great replies so far. 1959, 1964 & 1965 are great efforts.
  14. Giant

    Bristol 27 Sept

    Really looking forward to this one. Huge thanks must go to the Bunter family for allowing 'our' formula to race on their lovely track. Hoping that Mendips gets lots of support from drivers and fans alike.
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