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    Rushden, Northants.
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    Andre Zang. Ex F1 #402. 1st meeting 1976
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    Started watching in 1976, wrote columns for Brafield/Long Eaton programmes in the early 90s, borrowed Craig Smith's (407) car at Odsal (31/10/92),(Dad) purchased Kev Smith's (64) drill everything Skegness Semi Final 1991 car, raced 1993/1994/1995, (tracks raced at Coventry, Kings Lynn, Stoke, Bradford, Brafield, Birmingham, Skegness, Hartlepool), back to watching until 2001. Came back May 2003, been back ever since, love it as much as ever.

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  1. A bit of a wild and windy night up in the posh seats. My brolly blew inside out and ended up in the bin! We managed a couple of dry races before the rain intervened. Ant Lee inherited the W&Y win from 83, who fell foul of the scales of justice, and looked like he might be on for the final, until hampered by a lap down returning 150. The "Green and 3" restart was only bettered by the "Green and last lap board", and like Neil, I was hoping for a 34 win!! In truth 555 drove a great last few laps, and his dad certainly wasn't going to have a go. More interested in fending off Tom on the last bend. Timmy Barnes impressed greatly before the weather turned. Saw another car and decided to hit it, that'll do for me! Team Newson had their work cut out after the first race, 13 squashed his wing and 120 had the rear axle hanging off! Shame The Flying Finn couldn't get the hat trick, the only 55 win coming in the minis. Pity it didn't stay dry, could've been a classic. Ah well, roll on the next one. Trackstar doing a great job for the F1s as always. Dotd 34 RR 7
  2. Giant


    The top one, my very first meeting.
  3. Primer tv? I bet that's like watching paint dry........
  4. Giant


    Certainly didn't seem like it to me when watching it live. But it was a few years ago now so I'm sure you're spot on Ozzy!
  5. Giant


    Looking at the results, Lundy, Mark Gilbank, Paul Harrison, Mal Brown, FWJ, Chris Brocksopp, Martin Southwell. Murray Harrison also raced at the last Odsal, but I'm guessing that his outings at Skegness this year were more a farewell than a comeback.
  6. Giant


    They did. Stuart Smith Snr raced SSJ's car and made everyone else look distinctly average!
  7. Giant


    Genuinely surprised that Andy Smith only completed one treble. Pretty sure he's won Final and GN at Sheffield *checks Since 1954* ............in 2001 he won three finals on the trot and also the GN at the first two, but not the heat.
  8. Giant


    Go on Steve!! What a boost for the sport and the North if this comes to fruition!! Oh yes!!
  9. Giant

    Gold Roof

    I'll guess at 1961, Jock Lloyd. And 1962 as well, until he lost the title!!
  10. Would agree with Neil above. 389, 16 and 34 stood out. Shout out to 234 Terry Pearce who led heat two until a lap or so to go when Charlie caught him. The #5 machine certainly looks and sounds the business, and Charlie is looking full of confidence. Tom's KL curse appeared to continue with just the one race completed. Couple of rollovers. Managed to miss Ben "Abbey" Lockwood (ECL e series ref), but saw Mal's effort. Typical 34, just drove off afterwards!! Don't see a lot of the 1300 stock cars, but thought they were great. Loads of action in every race. Well done to all at Trackstar for getting the meeting done by 9pm. All in all another good night in the posh seats and great to catch up with the former proprietor of A1 Racewear! Dotd 339 RR 7 PS Just spotted Neil and Carl reference the 16 car! Ugliest car, pink pig. We came up with wheely bin and dusty bin!! Sorry Mat, it's a flyer, but it doesn't look great
  11. Thanks Roy. I think I can answer my own question re the 234 car. Looks very much like the ex 351 John Frost machine. No further questions, your honour.
  12. I asked a question in the dotd thread regarding the history of the 234 Terry Pearce car, in hindsight, perhaps it would have been better to ask it here. Also, the 217 Lee Fairhurst car looked new (to him). I heard a rumour it could be an ex 212 machine. Anyone able to clarify please? Thanks. 😀
  13. My first meeting since November, so it was great to be trackside once more. Managed to get a seat in the stand, which gives a great view of the action. Nice battle in the opener between Tom and FWJ, before a great win by Russell in the second. Sarge impressed greatly as always taking the third. Tom looked odds on for the final until his engine decided otherwise. This allowed the Flying Finn to get within range and he made no mistake. Charlie got it together in the GN to take the honours. Impressed by Simon Traves on debut, he looked very accomplished. The car Terry Pearce was driving looked familiar, but can anyone help with it's history? Is it an ex 446 motor? Tooz great value on shale as always. I like the interviews with the winners whilst the track clearance and cooling is going on. New rules for everyone, which people seemed to be getting on with. Meeting done by half nine ish so great job all round. Dotd 326 RR 8
  14. Great onboard footage from Tom's car. Makes it look effortless, but that was some letting go of the engine. No doubt he'll be good to go on Saturday. Keep up the top work, Jordan.
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