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  1. It's odd because I usually rate meetings higher, on average, than others. But this meeting just didn't do it for me. First meeting of the season too, so I was well up for it. All I can really remember is Ryan Harrison's over enthusiastic hit on 175, and the superb way Charlie Sworder drove. Was that really his first meeting? RR, and DOTD, 5 (I bet that's never happened before) Star of the show was actually the Fish and Chips, very tasty and superb value at £6
  2. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed that this meeting clashes with a certain football match. Anyone know of any options for seeing the game with the roar of the V8s in the background? A giant screen in the track shop? A TV in the back of a transporter?
  3. A bit of a statto question... but can someone tell me if 303 Karl Whiteman is different from Michael? What I mean is, the number 303 was registered as Michael Whiteman until around June last year, then the results suddenly started saying Karl. Thanks.
  4. Hi Stuart, I don't have this programme, but I'm sure there are a few regulars here who do. However, from the notes of the programmes I do have, it says that the first proper saloon stock cars race was at Wimbledon, 29th June 1968, with a trial run being held at Aldershot the week before, 20th June.
  5. I still can't work out if this is all some sort of wind up. Am I that gullible?
  6. A rare treat to see a few races under the lights at Brafield. It just makes everything seem so much more intense and ferocious. RR 8, DOTD 445 Great to see Rob Scriven get a win in the V8s, and in the Minis a very hard fought final win for Rebecca Smith. Also good to see yet another Finnikin starting out! Enjoyed the heritage demo too, great tyre smoking from the 252 car.
  7. Thanks Ricky. Is it not all over yet? How many points are still available?
  8. Hi Jordan, me again with my nit-picking comments The main paragraph is way too long, reading it makes you out of breath. Just having a simple read through after you've finished should indicate where you need to break it up. Try and avoid starting sentences too often with 'however, meanwhile, so'. As the paragraph progresses you use them more and more, which starts to make it feel like it's being rushed as you get towards the end. Also, I would avoid the use of ellipses (...) - they're fine for casual writing but probably not for journalism. Grammar pretty much spot on, a great improvement, except you forgot a full stop in the first paragraph, before 'Despite this'.
  9. Stock Car Racing has always had whites, yellows, blues and reds - well now it has Greens too. Poor attempt at a pun sorry! But Nigel Green in the F1s, and Michael Green in the F2s, really are at the top of their game right now. Both fantastic to watch. Nigel could easily end up with most of this year's honours, he's got to be favourite to take the silver too. When was the last time somebody won the world final and backed it up by winning the masters the next day too? Just a guess, probably FWJ. RR-8 DOTD-445 Enjoyed the V8s too. 77 Rudi Coleano led all four races at the half way stage, but a combination of bad luck, mechanical gremlins, and simple loss of control meant he had nowt to show for his efforts. Unlucky that man.
  10. As much as I love Brafield I would never turn up there without my own food, the choice doesn't seem to have changed since the 80s! Fine if you love junk food of course
  11. Hi Jordan. Yes, as Carl mentioned, the point I was going to make was the good old apostrophe. Plurals don't take apostrophes as I'm sure you know, i.e. points, cars, yellows etc, but the same applies to abbreviations too, which are still just normal plurals. So to pick out a few of yours, plus the other regular ones you see on this forum, the proper terms should be: DNFs, F1s, F2s, V8s, Minis, pics, videos, DVDs, CDs Hope this helps!
  12. Hi Jordan, nice work. Did you want grammatical feedback? There are a few things, but I know many people here think it's very pedantic, so I'll shut up unless you want to hear it! Cheers.
  13. Thanks for the updates Ricky. I'm curious, what do you do when you're not adding up stock car points?!
  14. Nigel Green was superb all weekend, congrats to him on a well deserved title. Took some big hits and gave them back perfectly to stay in front. Really great to watch. RR8 DOTD 445. Very close second place is Todd Jones. Not often you see a blue taking out three of the sports top stars in one hit... what a move that was! Shame about the red flag in the F2 Euro. It robbed us of what was looking like a very good race, unfortunately the restart was anything but, zzzzz...
  15. I'll kick things off then. A bit quiet by recent standards but decent racing nonetheless. RR7 DOTD H77 for injecting some excitement and controversy - think that battle might continue today! Oh, and if the farmer is making that much money from the parking, the least he could have done was cut the grass!
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