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    Rochdale born & bred. Now Doncaster & Alicante
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    Brisca F1
    Tennis (less these days)
    Being a Bargain Lovin' Brit in the Sun
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    1st meeting Rochdale 1970
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    Became addicted to Brisca F1 from my very first meeting.
    Done well over 1000 meetings. Coventry most attended

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  1. That is something special Thanks for sharing , and Good Luck
  2. You get a Blankety Blank cheque book for that Dave
  3. Can you break down the maths on your calculation Carlton ? I've tried every permutation , and can't come up with £90, even including postage unless you're including Hot dogs 🥴
  4. Thanks so much Just an observation - Joff says he's only doing shale, but on the back of the car it says "Follow me to Skegness Raceway"
  5. By the way Dave - regarding Odsal 17th July - Are F1's therefore the support formula to the F2's ?
  6. Once again, you're right Dave I couldn't attend the official planned opener, so didn't get a ticket (obviously) If you buy a ticket for a specific meeting and / or a specific date, it shouldn't automatically be transferred to wherever the Promoter deems fit. Imagine if July becomes the real Grand Opening for some reason, it will be bedlam. Those having paid £22 for June couldn't realistically be asked to pay an extra £3 , nor could those (like me) that have paid for July already. Hope the lid stays firmly closed on a possible can of worms . If the can does get opened, t
  7. Good point Dave - doubt if Steve has a Plan C in readiness If June suddenly becomes the opener, and i have a ticket for all 3 opening F1 Odsal meetings, what happens then ? Just hope it doesn't come to that On the Skeggy site, it did say no advance tickets until probably May. It now reads No tickets are available for any 2021 events as yet, should be soon. More details to follow
  8. Great Stuff Am so looking forward to seeing all these new cars on track, that we're being teased with
  9. It looks very much like a Stuart Smith car . I expect the similarities end with appearances. Jake & Nigel, thanks for taking the time out to give us the updates .
  10. Startrax website states :- "We are optimistic that the limit will be raised slightly and we will communicate later this month what that may be and IF/when we can make more tickets available, these will go on sale Monday 5th April "
  11. Fantastic - Down to earth honest interview. Loved it. "Hair by Robert, Nuneaton's Premier Blue Rinse Salon" That is just brilliant Chris Can't wait to see it in battle
  12. Bring it on I remember his Final win at Coventry in 2015. You could see / hear how emotional he was and how much it meant to him.
  13. I've managed to see the documentary now. Fascinating story . To think an ex Stock Car driver, a sabotage bomber Pilot, was at Ndola Airport the day of the 'incident' , and still being investigated to this day. The Glasspole Identity could one day become a movie ................ Move over Jason Bourne
  14. Wow - This Max Glasspole guy is a fascinating story. And to think he was one of 'ours' and got some great results in his short time - literally one year (19.9.54 to 16.9.55) The documentary was shown on BBC 4 last year. Pity i missed it. It appears on i-player but not available to watch at the moment. Shame i missed that. Hopefully will be repeated at some stage.
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