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    Rochdale born & bred. Now Doncaster & Alicante
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    Brisca F1
    Tennis (less these days)
    Being a Bargain Lovin' Brit in the Sun
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    1st meeting Rochdale 1970
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    Became addicted to Brisca F1 from my very first meeting.
    Done well over 1000 meetings. Coventry most attended

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  1. Just Brilliant. I've always thought what Paul said, in that Brisca F1 have a great product to put out there. Every time i watch one of these interviews, it gives me the drive to get back racing . Thanks .......................
  2. Rod Matthew

    New brighton

    You're right Colin. I remember seeing those "Stars" on the Modstox at New Brighton, and thinking, Yeah, we need something like that for Smithy , Chissy, Cronny and top drivers of the time. I love the No 40 car shown, which I'm presuming was going to be used by Smithy. It reminds me of the superb 311 Ian Durham car which was 3rd in the '71 World Final. And what was Doug Cronshaw doing in that picture (that is him, isn't it ?), suited with Flairs !
  3. Rod Matthew

    New brighton

    So there you have it. Doug Cronshaw appeared as a "Guest Driver" . Pity i missed that. I remember Paddy Byrne (310) in particular, at the Mod Stox meeting i attended. Looking at the picture from 1963, there's no evidence of the inner track shown on the 1978 picture. Maybe that came about for safety reasons .
  4. It was Pete Falding that made the retaliation move on Lundy, accompanied by a roar from the crowd. Big John had pushed Pete into the same car, two laps earlier, whilst Falding was leading. Terrific Final.
  5. Thanks for the detailed history of the car Graham. 👌 I would never have guessed it was a Wainman build.
  6. Rod Matthew

    New brighton

    Wow, what a change in 1978. I went to New Brighton in the early 70's and i'm sure the smaller track didn't exist. (Could be wrong) The speeds, due to the banked bends, were awesome. But i don't remember the action being memorable
  7. One of them beside the No 18 car, has to be the one and only Dave Chisholm
  8. Thanks Graham for clearing up that mystery. I was totally confused by them having two Heat 1's Really loved that particular car of yours. Handled a treat round the tricky Crewe. Any chance of telling us the History of the car ?
  9. Crewe must hold some sort of Record for the number of punctures at one meeting
  10. Not just fighting against other drivers ........................... but the track as well ! Loved Pete Falding's sneaky tactic at the end of the Final. And terrific end to the Grand National .
  11. So what's Formula- E thought they were all electric ? How do they manage it ?
  12. Absolutely crackin' interview. I particularly liked Pete's recollections of Baarlo, as i saw him win those races. I remember doing my own calculation of the average speed of a Baarlo lap, and coming up with 96.7 mph average. Pete in this interview mentions around 99 mph, with top speeds around 120. The thrill of driving those speeds on a packed oval must have been immense. And he chooses the same top 3 best drivers of all time as me. Top man
  13. I'm not sure what's going to happen to Stoke, but surely the toilets there are going to be declared a site of Historical importance , and saved for posterity .
  14. Rod Matthew


    If you Google Earth the stadium , using the postcode BD6 1BS , in theory, it's still very do-able Much of the Pits is tarmacked and made into car parking spaces, then it's fenced off with a gate into a large green area (which would be needed for Pit space) With the Housing so close, I would have thought a Shale raceway might not be allowed . Not sure what Steve's plan is on that front. Whatever , I wish Steve the very best of luck There still seems to be car parking available on the other side of the dual carriageway , which is where i used to park.
  15. Another great interview. Nice bit of intrigue surrounding the new car. Hope it does the job first time out, like Frankie's shale car did
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