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  1. Paul Mc

    Where would 390 be?

    He would likely have been in the fence. Its great to have Stuart back, hungry and racing well, but for the shoot out drivers taking him on presently only has a down side, if he was leading the shoot out points he would get the same treatment as the others get each round..
  2. Sometimes its better to not overthink things or you make a male chicken out of yourself...
  3. Paul Mc

    caption please

    Dave - I spoke to Sworder and he says "I take a AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD on the brakes or the'll go blue" Guy nooo Dave he said "I is taking the AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD braking to go from blue"
  4. There will also be a very hard to find Ken-E special toilet, It will make some loud noises early in the meeting and smell bad but sadly it wont be visable as the 84ll5 wont be installed for the occasion, it will however be completely full of AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD.
  5. Paul Mc


    Its been on the cards for decades to be fair, it would be fitting perhaps that in light of if heritage that the developers respect its heritage in some manner. As from now on no one will be able to moan about the wet/dryness the price of the burgers or the carpark, perhaps start a list of potential road names.. Smith Street Wainman Way Coventry Turn The Podium Box Close Conrad Close The Dash
  6. NATIONAL MINISTOX FOR SALE Tony Smith built chassis formerly raced by Peel Bros Chassis Built for a 6ft lad and so has lots of room inside, features an additional roll over hoop making it very strong NFR Seat Belts Quick release steering wheel Transponder (Rechargeable) Bias Valve Cooper S Hubs and brakes Hi Los Adjustable Shocks Adjustable Tiebars Adjustable Bottom Arms Rear Radius Arms adjustable for Camber and caster Lightweight Alloy Drums Race engine Featuring all the right bits Including Ultralight Flywheel,Verto Clutch (weight is towards centre rather than outside) EN16T Stronger crank shaft A+ Rods ARP Rod Bolts Centre Main Strap Lightened Pistons +40 Block Decked Pistons +10 above block face Custom Ground and Timed Camshaft Duplex Lightweight Vernier Timing Gears J Casting Cylinder Head, running a sensible compression ratio (scope to increase for more power/less reliability) Bronze Valve guides Narrow Valve Seats HIF38 SU Carburettor legal manifold the right spacers and Sock Filter Specially selected pressed steel rockers for matched and higher lift Specially curved Distributor and rare to fine points capable of 8000RPM Lucas Gold Coil Standard Radiator This engine never overheated, never lost oil pressure, never had to have a head gasket replaced and produced 60HP at wheels when last rolling road tuned in October. Can come with wheels & spares as required to suit budget (lots of spare blocks, rods, heads, gearboxes, driveshafts wheels etc,) Will split 07967 802816
  7. Pump Fuel yet, you see some wandering about the pits with a case of Octane booster under their arm....
  8. Paul Mc

    Wingy Things

    Really? perhaps you should go full coil over suspension with dual adjustment dampers, corner weight them move to gun drilled rear axle and motor spindle whilst at it go full containment seat and ratchet seat belts for the little plastic head in it.....
  9. Promoters have lots to do after a meeting he is likely busy counting pound coins till Wednesday at least, either that or off cornering the market on fruit bon bons, either way its actually great to hear positive comments.
  10. Or an alternative. Semi as a shoot out over a weekend, a month or so before WF closed grid semi qualifiers and reserves, support from non semi qualifiers. Held at the World Final Venue, and WF grid spots decided as now, but also the top two overseas driver spots up for grabs as well, to encourage some Dutch guys and a lot of the NZ and others are over getting used to our racing and car setups anyhow. So over two days you decide the WF grid for UK cars and the top 2 overseas spots. You still have the consolation semi and overseas qualifying on the WF day as now. Then the world final as now Instead of the current world masters it is instead run at the same venue as the WF and instead of it being a bit of a low key meeting, make it decided over the semi weekend and wf weekend. It would mean more and it would be a true accolade to who was on top of their game that year as it would be over 4 meetings. A lot more cars and fans would stick around for the Sundays, more party atmosphere and revenue for the track...stands and such would be in place still from WF at a smaller venue. In lieu of running it this way the promoter gives up any shoot out dates... It would make two brilliant weekends and stop the nothing to race for attitude after semis and indeed after the WF, as your in it to the end for the masters......
  11. Missed this tell me more why did they go, Had high hopes mosley would be great but kind of fizzled and swift looked good as well??
  12. Anything like this should be Euro zone wide or not allowed. We should bring in the same on anything without a UK tax disc... but if we did there would be uproar!!! Same with minimum wage.. Minimum wage here is higher than in eastern european Euro zone countries and benefits are better...etc etc.... Rant over..
  13. Not looking to give advice after the fact on what you should or shouldn't have done as I didn't read your posts at the time as I was away on holiday. But something more positive to consider for the future. I am going to put forward at the AGM for ministox something that I have done for years on high power turbo charged classic minis, where loosing oil pressure results in a scrap engine/gearbox and turbo in worst circumstances. After seeing lots of mini kids wreck engines, and sometimes wincing as you see them going round lap after lap knocking their big ends off sometimes even with oil lights on!! but they don't notice or realise what to do until it stops terminally. Use an electric fuel pump (mechanical only allowed in national minis now) but relay it through an oil pressure switch, that way when your oil pressure drops you have a float chamber full of petrol then it stops. Enough to usually get to a safe area. Also relay it via the start switch so on start up whilst starter running it supplies fuel irrespective of oil pressure. That way restarting will get it running and be able to move it enough to a safe area if needed and it will then stop again as no oil pressure. It would stop the kids blowing so many engines, yes they may come in with no oil pressure, which may be a simple speedo housing cracked which dropped the oil or worse an oil pump and shells needed but not rods through blocks/gearboxes and snapped or scrapped cranks so much cheaper to fix! Obviously there may be a time when a driver wants to carry on regardless, perhaps leading the world final and its last lap, so perhaps a I don't give a flute override button may be required... I don't know how much a float chamber full of fuel in a F1 would last but not long and very likely not enough to wreck an engine. Similar could be done on a maximum temperature sensor in the top hose and a water level in top hose. Killing the fuel pump when it is boiling or there is no water in the engine...
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