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  1. I can't believe that this has not been advertised anywhere by Brisca, BSCDA, Incarace, Speedworth or whoever organised it. I would have thought it was good publicity for the sport.
  2. What happened to yesterdays interview with the mystery guest Brian?
  3. 220 is will Hunter's number!!!
  4. A few extra dates have been added to the schedule on the Freesports Motorsport section for Brisca F1 See Below. MONDEC 10BriscaBelle Vue4:00pmTUEDEC 11BriscaBuxton4:00pmWEDDEC 12BriscaCowdenbeath4:00pmTHUDEC 13BriscaLochgelly4:00pmFRIDEC 14BriscaNorthampton4:00pmSATDEC 15BriscaBelle Vue4:30pm
  5. Here is a collection of pics of the Firow Car - Ex John Lund, Gary Coyle, Neil Shenton, Dave Willis Car. Now back with Firow possibly being restored back to original car?? The Firow - Ex John Lund, Gary Coyle, Shenton, Willis Car..pdf
  6. Hi All, I'd just like to Thank Steve @Startrax once again for putting the ticket up for grabs, I'd also like to thank Asha & Rob for there part in posting it out to me in a timely manor. I received the ticket by recorded delivery at the weekend and it is now stored in a safe place until the weekend of the World Final. Really looking forward to the weekend now, it will be here before you know it. Cheers Fergy.
  7. Current World Champion 445 to take the 2018 British title.
  8. Click on the link above Nige and you can listen again at anytime.
  9. Fergy

    Winter refurbs

    Our Winter prep is coming on nicely for the 2018 season, the new wing has been painted and had some numbers put on it.
  10. Fergy

    Fixtures 2018

    I think the 2018 season is predominantly a tarmac racers season. 44 Meetings in total. 25 Tarmac meetings at 9 circuits (With 8 WCQR’s) – This is based on Northampton being tarmac as we know it. Skegness 7 meetings, Birmingham 5 meetings, Northampton 5 meetings, Buxton 2 meetings, Venray 2 meetings, Hednesford 1 meeting, Cowdenbeath 1 meeting, Lochgelly 1 meeting Ipswich 1 meeting. 19 Shale meetings at 5 circuits (With 7 WCQR’s including 2 wild card rounds with double points potentially “TBC”) Belle Vue 7 meetings, Kings Lynn 6 meetings, Stoke 3 meetings, Sheffield 2 meetings Mildenhall 1 meeting. 1 Championship title on shale (British) 4/5 Championship titles on tarmac (UK Open, Euro, Gold Cup, World & Scottish if it’s included) These figures may change ever so slightly if & when Northampton decides which of its five meetings are going to be on shale or tarmac. Quite interesting really, lets hope it's a good one.
  11. Ricky, You have Craig on the same amount of points after the final and the National. You need to add his 12 points from the GN on to his 127 after the final
  12. According to my laps they have Craig down as 7th in the GN
  13. Fergy

    Euro Rebels

    Here is a list of the drivers that went to Texel UK entrants UK2 Paul Harrison UK25 Bradley Harrison UK22 Will Yarrow UK55 Craig Finnikin UK152 Neil Scothern UK166 Bobby Griffin UK212 Danny Wainman UK306 Ian Noden UK326 Mark Sargent UK335 Mark Woodhull I think he was unhappy because drivers snubbed him to go and race somewhere else for a change and make it a proper euro weekend.
  14. No racing for #55 on Saturday due to a wedding, will make up for it Monday though
  15. Is the video available to watch again?
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