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  1. i think you are right rob cowley is the oldest final winner , but im pretty sure darkie wright was the oldest driver still competing. and cant be beaten due to the rule change.??
  2. Laurence E


    you can not fault steve for trying to get this off the ground. not to many other people putting there money into opening a track in these days , he deserves all our support. i would probably only manage one meeting a year at bradford if it does happen,its a long way from kent. but even if i never went its still another track for others to go to. managed about all wf meetings there previously. best of. luck to steve .
  3. wow great pics of richies car . never seen the un signwritten pic before. apparently that barker built car stiil survives. spoke to kingsley a few years ago ,and im sure he mentioned that its still around . would love to see it restored for heritage display.
  4. yes roy that car was a brand new alan barker built car for richie. his next car was built by frankie wainman senior.
  5. what a great interview with a proper stock car racer. you have gotta love him,top driver.!!!
  6. just thought of these 131 jock lloyd sa 1 harry van der spuy. 00 guy curval .french champion. 258 pete guinchard
  7. these.are to good to leave out.?? 354 richard ainsworth. 3 ellis ford. 7 darkie wright. 132 les suckling. h15 rein rutjens. h8 friedhelm welters
  8. nice tribute to richie .we followed the aherns around the tracks racing bangers. great times. then into brisca.. we have good memories of richie and bobby racing . hope we see richje junior out this season.
  9. 19 for me from the far south east !!. couple more i want to get to that run these days.
  10. i d like an interview with keith barber as well if you could.
  11. frank senior s first car was jag powered.and mike and or norman close.s first car. a couple of darkie wright s cars had mercury engines .
  12. very interesting interview with steve rees.talking a lot of sense. some possibilities for the future maybe. lets hope so. what he said about the start money was surprising also about 25% of the crowd do not pay. i found this interviews very interesting and the one with deane woods. you get a feel for the passion they have for stock car racing and can see things from a different perspective. what steve said about the promotor at scunthorpe and the outlaw formulas and brisca you can see why some promotors wont deal with brisca. interesting times ahead thats for sure.
  13. Laurence E

    2019 Fixture list

    what a shame .again really was hoping that the promoters would listen to the fans and bring in a couple of one offs next year. surely if you can get 40+cars all the way to scotland you could get near that for a southern weekend. it appears that brisca really dont listen or worse dont care what the fans would like to see. they should be looking at tracks that will still be around in 10/15 years. but most of us know the start money issue puts off other new promotors running meetings. its said every year but nothing seems to change ,do brisca really want to ?.probably not. closed shop mentality. great sport ,plenty of drivers.how many will carry on if as intimated 2 or 3 more tracks go. what a shame again.
  14. good to see murray jones out for a quiet drive around ha ha. good luck mate.
  15. out of interest is poole smaller than mildenhall? thats pretty small for a stock car track,but can deliver the racing most want to see.
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