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  1. Great video Nigel. Love it!
  2. One! Brian Shadbolt #70
  3. BSCDA announced it via their social media channels a couple of days ago with no reason given as to why!
  4. What are the reasons that have been given?
  5. Not mentioned yet on here but no F1's are taking part in the live arena this year.
  6. JPM

    2020 Fixture List

    Let's hope not. Last season's British was a superb meeting!
  7. JPM

    2020 Fixture List

    Two Saturday meetings at Northampton, the Euro weekend one which has started early for last few years but the one in May 4.30pm start!!!! What's that all about?!
  8. JPM

    World Final tickets

    I tried to do it online but there was no option for a under 10 ticket(which is required) & when I wanted to pay it had £5 shipping. So called the number & done it all in under 5 minutes over the phone.
  9. JPM

    World Final tickets

    Anyone found the link for tickets yet?
  10. £24 for two major championship finales & the ever entertaining kids in the minis is good value in my eyes. I just wish there was a track that run the sport within an hour of where I live that I could spend my hard earned cash on, some of you don't realise how fortunate you are!
  11. Top days racing as seems to be the case here when the weather gods are kind. The track looked perfect upon arrival and as was mentioned earlier there was less dust here than at KL. The overseas guys really do help make a meeting & they didn't disappoint here. H61 was rapid & sticking anyone in his way in the fence before rolling himself & looking like he loved every minute of it, great to see. The final was awesome though & was good to see 212 come through after 55, who was on it all day, rapidly caught up & tried to deliver the knockout blow. R/R 10 (when is it Incaraces turn to hold the WF!) DotD 55
  12. Sat in temp grandstand with my son & while view was excellent we really struggled to hear the p.a. & not once did I hear any rolling lap music & maybe it was just me but did we not get a "drivers start your engines"?? The free(or included in ticket price) funfair was a lifesaver especially when with a young child! Fireworks fantastic & didn't find I had to queue too long for any of the refreshment outlets. Overall I thought the promotion done a decent job. As for the racing I thought it was very placid especially if compared to yesterday's NIR meeting. Actually thought race of the night was Consi 2 with some big hits & some good racing. As for the WF race, like I said the fireworks were good! Fair play to Tom, drove a near on perfect race & even when Bobby G tried to hold him up the others couldn't get close. R/R 6(based on the racing only) DoD 20
  13. JPM

    2020 World Final

    Been confirmed as Kings Lynn again according to WF programme.
  14. Saturday 14 September 2018 - 5.30pm – BriSCA F1 Stock Car World Final On the day prices at the Box Office: Adults - £45 Concessions - £43 Juniors (12-15 year-olds) - £18 Family ticket (2 adults and up to 3 Juniors) - £117 Kids 11 and under go free
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