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  1. hatman

    New brighton

    Excellent video clip - Stan "The Man" Woods leading the Invaders team, and some lunatic racing a Beetle in the bangers! Wonderful memories, as this was around the time my Dad would have been taking me there to watch. New Brighton and Buxton were the first tracks I went to. I recall being very close to the track at New Brighton, if the F1's had ever run there it would have been borderline fantastic / terrifying. Great memories, thank you for posting. ps - some big hair on display in the pit footage, something which may return unless the barbers reopen soon!
  2. RR 7. Some good racing at times DOTD 16. Great to see Matt back and looking quick.
  3. This has made me curious now. There are certain other motorsports series that aren't backward in their approach to gender... NASCAR... the circuit series in which that poor girl nearly wrecked herself late last year.... I know there aren't many but im not so sure that short oval racing is the only 'gender free' motorsport. I think most forms of motorsport see male and female drivers as equal. Danika Patrick was very successful on the American ovals, Susie Wolff came very close to competing in F1 Grand prix, as did Maria de Villota until her horrible accident and untimely passing. Autograss has separate classes for female drivers, but the ladies can race in the 'mens' classes if they prefer. I know some do, and are very successful.
  4. hatman


    I am a fan of autograss, in addition to my love of stock cars. The idea of sharing venues has it's plus points, but from what I've seen so far, autograss venues are not even close to being able to host stock cars. Although am I right in thinking that Hunmanby is a venue for both (outlaw stock cars / bangers, and also home to Scarborough Autograss club)?
  5. Good meeting. Slick organisation, no major delays, action in every race. Love the F1's around Belle Vue, let's hope we get more years to enjoy it. Dan Johnson was impressive, but the flying Dutchman gets the nod. DOTD H410 RR 8
  6. Glad your day improved after a bad start!
  7. an enyoyable afternoon in the sunshine, thanks to everybody who made it possible. Fence seemed a little fragile, and needed more repairs than usual. Dust was kept to a minimum and only really caused a problem in one race - the F1 final! The Belle Vue cobbles appeared on turn 3 as usual but didn't seem as bad as previous. Huge crowd including a good number of newbies who were desperate to know what was going on....the terraced area on turns 3 & 4 REALLY needs a PA speaker! Racing was good and all done for a decent time, even with an extra F2 race at the end. 4 and 390 were on form, 76 was really unlucky not to take a race win. Good to see 198 back. 464 looked very out of sorts, I know he is not known for shale racing but he was way off the pace. DOTD 249. Had the pace, skill and bravery to mix it with the star names, very impressive RR 7
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Hats off to all drivers in the F1's & minis, and the track staff who worked hard to maintain a raceable surface. Several drivers seemed capable of winning the title race, and there was no shortage of drama when the time came. DOTD - 1. Fast all day, and took opportunities when they came RR - 8
  9. Nobody expected a classic, and sadly the weather / track conditions didn't help either, but it was still an enjoyable meeting. 515 had a shocker. 45 sadly never got going. 55 sounded glorious at full chat in the GN. 313 had a great meeting, drove superbly in a good looking car. Thank you to everyone that did their best to entertain today. RR 6 DOTD 313
  10. .Not really hatman , Coventry nearly always topped 60 cars, Bradford was way up there too with 3 heat meetings , so a 26 car two thirds meeting format does not entice me I'm afraid. The "cracker" at Christmas was only enlightened a bit, by a tremendous effort by a first time Dutch entrant. To be honest after a winter break 26 cars is a poor effort by the F1 drivers. Good on the F2 lads though ! David RA, the idea of my post was that instead of looking back at what we HAVEN'T got, I am looking forward to what we HAVE got. I realise that tomorrow may not compare to the glory days of Coventry or Bradford, but it's stock car racing, and I for one am glad that the cars are coming out of winter hibernation - however many are there to entertain us. Good luck to all drivers tomorrow, especially those racing for the first time.
  11. hatman

    John Surtees

    Am I correct in thinking that Sir Stirling Moss never won a world championship?
  12. Really looking forward to this. Coventry may be gone, Bradford may just be a fantasy, but stock car racing is still magic.
  13. hatman

    220 Will Hunter

    oh man, it's at times like this that I really wish I had Premier Sports channel!
  14. A little more recent than Jayne, Hayley Parkinson showed real promise in an F1. Not seen her on track for a while now though.
  15. My first world final for many years and the first one my son has ever been to. We both thoroughly enjoyed the event, and thanks to all drivers, crews, and track staff who made it happen Special thanks to all the Dutch whose contribution was huge Our fave drivers are 515 and 55 who clearly had contrasting meetings!! Great racing throughout the meetings with so many memorable moments and talking points. Stock car racing and stock car people are brilliant RR 8 DOTD 150. Enjoyed watching him all night. PS, has anyone got a spare programme I could buy please, as the rain got into my rucksack and turned ours to soggy mush Rob & Aaron
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