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  1. I agree the surface was poor and has been for many years, as are most tarmac stock car tracks (my f2 used to bottom out on a rut on turn four at Buxton) but I did enjoy the racing at NIR both as a spectator and a driver which to me made it a good tarmac track. I've been to Lockgelly and the surface there is great but the f1's where as dull as dishwasher.
  2. I got there and had a look round and thought oh no what have they done to the place! It looked like someone had ripped up the tarmac and left it like that - it was grey and horrible. The racing started and by the end of the first round of heats you couldn't see a thing, I've been to many a dusty shale meeting but I've never seen anything that bad I really did feel sorry for Deane and his team after I saw a trio of angry F1 drivers marching towards Deane muttering that they wouldn't race in dangerous conditions. Luckily things did get better and it was easier to see the racing for both fan and driver but for me while I commend the bravery of trying something different it has turned a good tarmac track into a poor shale track and I'm unlikely to return in the near future.
  3. That will be Mr Rees, he is 'fond' of them!
  4. Who would have thought it ?!!I notice somebody of the same name is booked for Saloons at Brum and Stoke. Is he the new Mark Williamson ? Mark Williamson?
  5. Mart 870

    Sad day

    How can it ever be right to knock down a leasure facility for one group of people just to build a facility for another?
  6. Yes it was, also some of a recent star wars was filmed there and also dancing on ice... I'll get my coat!
  7. A fantastic read and well done to everyone involved, im.sure those kids will remember it for years to come and hopefully they'll pester their parents to come again!
  8. Mart 870

    Stox on tv

    I'm in the east midlands and can't get it to tune in on either my bt box or directly through the tv's tuner.
  9. I agree with Browdsword, I work for BMW and they are pushing petrol/electric hybrid vehicles now not diesel and when the technology catches up with the expectations of electric cars then they will be pushing those. I've got an electric car on order myself in September which I'll lease - there's no way I'd buy one at the moment as battery technology in cars is moving so fast the cars are becoming obsolete fast like a mobile phone.
  10. Once you can no longer buy a new internal combustion engined car the number of people using petrol and diesel will gradually decrease making it less likely to be sold and harder for people to buy it. The instant torque available from an electric motor is perfect for short oval racing but I'm not so sure how the batteries would cope with the contact and the sound of or thirty cars humming round the track and squeal of the tyres bring the loudest thing will be rubbish!
  11. I enjoy watching Rob race and if that encourages me to go rather than do something else then that's wholly my choice and doesn't need to be criticised. I dont go to very many meetings for various reasons non of which are infuenced by the quality of the racing of late or the fact that Rob isn't racing. I have no desire to belittle the number of meetings you attend Kingpin or you reasons for going so please show me and anyone else on this forum who doesn't live upto your fan status requirement some basic respect.
  12. I've not said the racing is poor without Rob but it's tipped my decision on whether to go or not. And why would I call myself an f1 fan, a Rob Speak fan or anything else? I'm also going to the euros and enjoying a few beers on the grass banking which presumably makes me an alcoholic!
  13. Now that Rob is racing I'm tempted to go to the semi, the chance of seeing rob race at least one more time cant be missed.
  14. When I raced f2's in the mid 2000's as a white top I would struggle to get a booking for the speed weekends, it was the same for the euros too. Sadly tar tracks just dont get the numbers now so it's great to see such good numbers this weekend. As for the f1's yes they are the support so it's only fair they are restricted it a good addition.
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